An elopement in Italy is the perfect solution for all the spouses who are searching intimacy and romanticism for their wedding, surrounded by the charm of the most exclusive Italian locations.


What is an elopement? Why should you consider an elopement for your next wedding in Italy? Is the elopement the right type of wedding for you? Discover the pros and cons in the organization of an elopement, to be sure that it is the right choice for your wedding.


An elopement, or elope, is the term that it is usually used to describe a couple who run away alone, to celebrate own wedding abroad. Essentially, It’s a very small wedding in which are present only the spouses or, if anything, the witnesses.

It’s absolutely the most intimate and romantic type of wedding and it’s perfect for all the couple of spouses who wants to run away from a traditional wedding, searching a relaxing and stress-free celebration in a terrific destination abroad, such as Italy.

Also, the specific characteristic of the elopement can be an alternative solution, if you would want to organize a wedding abroad, after the lockdown.

So, an elopement is the perfect opportunity to do exactly what you want, and to focus your attention on just you two.

But, how can you be sure that an elopement is the right solution for you?

Elopement at Lake Como




Italy offers breathtaking destinations where organize an unforgettable elopement, to satisfy every kind of desire: from the refined charm of a noble villa for an elegant elopement at lake Como, to the natural vibes of a medieval borgo in the Tuscan countryside, up to the celebration of your elopement on the Amalfi Coast or in Capri, overlooking the crystalline sea,… Every Italian region is unique and whatever your style is you will  not be limited by your number of guests.



Being that an elopement is absolutely the most intimate and romantic wedding, you will not be surely obliged to invite relatives who you’ve never seen, before. At the same time, you will not to accept compromises between your desires and your families’ traditions. You will be completely free to celebrate your wedding  exactly as you want!



Whatever wedding destination in Italy you will choose for your elopement in Italy, the specific characteristic of an elopement will guarantee you a cheaper event than a big one, like a wedding with lots of guests.

Also, being that you will be only you two, you can decide to spend your amount to satisfy your desires, without the compromises of a big event: a gourmet candlelight dinner with a Michelin-star chef, a romantic tour by a fast Riva boat, a luxury car to drive along the Tuscan hills of the Val d’Orcia,… Don’t stop your imagination!



If you don’t like the idea to spend all the weekends to select venues, organize the tables for the reception, collect all the RVSP answers, ecc… and if the idea to think and define all the details terrorizes you, probably a big event isn’t the right solution for you. A low-key event, such as an  elopement, will surely eliminate some of the hassle and arguments, allow you to live the organization without stress


elopement at Cinque Terre




When you will decide to celebrate an elopement abroad, You will have to be sensitive to the feelings of your family and friends: in fact, some parents, relatives and friends might not understand your decision to organize an elopement. Most of them, especially your parents who were looking forward to seeing you get married, might be hurt or disappointed about your decision.

At the same time, you should think in deep at your feelings: are you sure that you would want to celebrate your most important day of your life without your parents and your friends? If the answer is NO, but you want to celebrate your wedding abroad without spend a fortune, anyway, you could also take into consideration a micro-wedding in Italy with only your families and your very close friends.



If you are a festive couple and you love to organize big parties with your friends, an elopement might be not the right choice for you. Also, the absence of your families and friends with which sharing your wedding, might give the impression that the celebration is not so special and less meaningful than you imaged.



Are you absolutely sure that you will not regret in the future, regarding the possibility to plan your wedding day and all its steps, like the menu tasting or the visit of the venues?
Also, if you will decide to organize an elopement, you will not to enjoy of all the most unforgettable moments of a wedding, like the entrance with your father at the ceremony, the first dance, the cut of the cake, ecc…
So, before to take every decision, talk sincerely with your partner, to be sure that you are taking the right choice.

At the end, the organization of a wedding is not so complicated, especially if you have at your side a local wedding planner who can assist you in the organization of a destination wedding abroad.


Elopement in Florence


For my part, I don’t like to offer at my spouses a standard wedding package for their elope.

In fact, I always love that all the spouses, who request my assistance for the organization of their intimate elopement in Italy, can live a complete and personalized experience, perfectly created to meet all their needs and desires. In this way, they are completely free to realize their tailor-made, intimate event, living an authentic Italian-style wedding.


If you are interested in the assistance of a wedding planner in Italy to plan your elopement in Italy, living a completely personalized wedding experience, I’m here for you.


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