Micro-weddings in Italy are the most romantic solution for all the couples of spouses who desire an informal, but also exclusive wedding in Italy, focusing their attention on the details and on the feelings of conviviality and intimacy.


Would you want to organize an intimate wedding in Italy with only few guests? Would you want to know the pros of a small wedding abroad? Do you desire to organize a wedding without be stressed by hundreds of tasks? Discover if a micro-wedding could be the right solution for your wedding in Italy.


Dear Spouses,

The coronavirus pandemic that we are living in these months obliged ourselves to reconsider our lives, our lifestyles, our habits and our future, wedding plans, included.

In fact, all the couples of spouses who planned own weddings in Italy in 2020 are obliged to postponed them in 2021. At the same time, most of the next spouses-to-be, who are dreaming our destination wedding in Italy, could be very worried regarding the idea to organize a wedding or, also, a destination wedding abroad, especially with a big number of guests.

If you don’t want give up at the dream of a luxury wedding in Italy, there are charming and intimate alternative ideas that you could take into consideration for the planning of your unforgettable wedding abroad, such as a micro-wedding in Italy.

intimate wedding in Italy


With the term Micro-weddings are indicated all the weddings organized with only the family and the very close friends, up to a maximum of 30 / 40 guests.

It’s a new style of wedding that arrives from US and it is perfect for all the spouses who are searching intimacy, romanticism and the care of the detail.

In fact, thanks to the reduced number of guests, the spouses can concentrate all own budget on  the study of all the details of the event, creating a complete, bespoke experience: from a lush flower arrangement, to a gourmet menu realized by a Michelin-star chef for the wedding dinner, up to exclusive activities during own destination wedding abroad, everything can be planned and personalized to perfectly satisfy all the desires and dreams of the couple.

Romantic wedding in Italy


Micro-weddings are also more relaxing for the spouses in terms of management of the event, especially if you don’t have at your side a local wedding planner who helps you in every step of the organization.

In fact, planning a big event is a huge undertaking that involves multiple suppliers, chasing RSVPs, planning seating arrangements, ensuring there’s enough food and entertainment for your guests, ecc…

Instead, thanks to the reduced number of guests, the organization will be surely less stressful and you can concentrate your attention and your energies only on the design and management of all the details, enjoying your wedding day with relax: you will spend more time with your guests, you will have more time to chat, more time to just enjoy the spaces and time together at your guests, ecc… You will surely get an incredible happy and warm atmosphere.

Also, with an intimate number of guests you can be flexible about how and where you marry. For example, you can decide to organize your wedding during the weekly days ( that are often cheaper than the weekends ), maybe renting a private abode where stay with your family. ( and it could be also a good solution during this period of social distancing )

If you like the idea of a micro-wedding in Italy, surely there isn’t anything more romantic and intimate than a private hamlet or a private abode in the countryside, for a natural-chic wedding in Tuscany: a charming mix between unspoiled nature and green hills overlooking the vineyards, the cozy atmosphere of a countryside abode, the great hospitality of the Tuscan people, the sublime culinary tradition,… are only some elements that will enrich of positivity and authentic Italian vibes your wedding in Italy.


Just because a micro-wedding is smaller than a traditional wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t ask the assistance of a wedding planner, if you want one. 

In fact, trusting in a wedding planner in Italy for the planning of your Italian micro-wedding will guarantee you the assistance of a local professional with great supplier contacts and who’ll be there both during all the organization and on the wedding day, to verify that all the things run smoothly, allowing you to enjoy your wedding day with your family and friends without stress.

If you are interested in the planning of your micro-wedding in Italy, living a completely personalized wedding experience, don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of request.


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