Coronavirus pandemic obliged a lot of spouses to postpone own wedding day after the summer season and, of course, a lot of you can be agitated about the situation.
After that you postponed your wedding in Italy, it’s time to modify the design of your wedding day, that will be different according to the new season of your wedding. 


How can I modify my wedding dress if I decided to postpone my wedding day during the autumn / winter season? How can I reorganize the logistics of my wedding day, if I decided to celebrate my wedding in winter? Which flowers will be more suitable if I will get married in Italy in autumn?
I’d want to give you my professional advice to find an easy solution at the organization of your wedding in Italy, in case you decided to postpone it during the autumn / winter season


My dear spouses, 

Most of you are postponing own wedding day after the end of the summer season, especially in September, in October, or also during the winter season. 

It was a hard choice, I know, especially if you dreamt a spring or summer wedding in Italy, and if you’ve already designed the scenography and all the details of your event, but you haven’t to be scared or demoralized by the situation. 

In fact, every detail can be modified with few and simple tips, to perfectly adapt it at the new season, planning your wedding in Italy, exactly as you always dreamt.

So, after the first moment of discouragement, did you finally choose a new date for your wedding  in Italy? Well done! 

In fact, my first suggestion is: postpone, don’t cancel your wedding day! 

You worked a lot on your wedding day and your love is stronger than this surreal situation, and with some few tips, you can transform your wedding, maintaining the same style and the same vibes that you planned for your original date.


Wedding planner in Italy


After the choice of the new date, the first step that you have to do is inform immediately all your guests of the changing of the date, especially if you planned a destination wedding in Italy.

In this way, your guests can contact immediately own hotel to change the date of own stay, as well as they can reorganize their transfers.

How can you inform your guests, without spend a lot of money for new invitations?

There are some easy tips that you could apply: for example, you could create a digital “save the date” to inform your guests about the new date, or also, you could include all the new details on your wedding web-site, asking at your guests to visit it.

But, first of all, It’s important that you share this new information with positivity… Your dream wedding is only postponed of few months, but it will be realized, anyway.

winter wedding in Italy


The organization of a spring / summer wedding in Italy is completely different of an autumn or a winter wedding, of course. The temperature are fresher than in summer, as well as there are few hours of light, but it doesn’t mean that an autumn / winter wedding in Italy will not have the same charm. 

First of all, It’s important to define in advance a new program of the day, according to the different moments of the event, that can guarantee you the perfect success of your big day: with the advice of your wedding planner, you can design a new logistics of the event, according to the inner spaces and the new date.

For example, if you chose a new date at the end of the autumn season or, also, in winter, you could take into consideration to change your wedding dinner in a lunchtime reception, to guarantee you a good temperature and more hours of light.

Otherwise, if you would want to maintain your reception during the dinner time, you have to change your outdoor reception in an indoor one, working on the details of the set-up and the light design inside… Ask at your light design service how you can work to modify your light project, in respect of the new date.

Would you want something special for your guests? You could give them some warm, wood blankets, to worm up during the evening… A lovely gift that they will surely like it.

wedding planner in italy


The wedding dinner is absolutely one of the most convivial and delicious moments of a wedding, especially in Italy, where the cuisine is an ancient Art and a serious affair.

Surely, with your banqueting service, you decided to organize the menu, in respect of the season of the products.

Instead, being that you are obliged to postpone your event, you could have to serve at your guests a dinner completely out of season, now, and this choice could be compromise the perfect success of the dinner… As you can image, the flavor of a fresh asparagus will be not the same in October or in December. 

No panic! With your Italian wedding planner and your banqueting service, you can surely work on the plates, modifying them according to the new date: for example, during the autumn, you could modify the dishes, proposing at your guests plates with truffle or fresh mushrooms, or also you could enrich your plates with the strong flavors of cheese, wine sauces or dried fruits: hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, ecc… As well as, you can tried new flavors in your savory dishes, such as, grape, beetroots or pomegranate.

The autumn and the winter season offer a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, that surely will not disappoint your taste.

Also, if you would want to offer at your guests something of unique and in line with the new season, you could organize some scenographic corners such as:

  • a tea and infusions corner, with different tea/infusions from all over the World.
  • a traditional mulled wine corner, a typical hot drink of the Christmas period.
  • a delicious chocolate corner with hot chocolate and different types of chocolate and rums.
  • a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit and biscuits.

Would you want to offer something special during the aperitif?

Why don’t take into consideration a “wine tasting corner” or improve the hot finger foods, with small cups of traditional soups, a selection of hot meat or fish balls / skewers?

And for your wedding cake? If you chose a traditional cake with chocolate, cream of chantilly, It will be perfect also for an autumn / winter wedding; instead, if you chose a fresh fruit wedding cake, you could ask at the banqueting service to substitute the summer fruit with seasonal ones: grape, pomegranate, figs, berries, citrus, like oranges and tangerine… As you prefer!

winter wedding dress


It’s very easy to modify your wedding dress for the autumn / winter season; in fact, it’s enough to change or add some accessories, to adapt a wedding dress at an autumn / winter wedding.

In case your wedding dress is designed for the summer season, you could study with your fashion designer and your atelier alternative solutions to adapt it at the new season.

For example, you could line your bolero to adapt it at the autumn temperatures, as well as you could buy a wool or a fur stola or bolero, in case of a winter wedding ( using the original one only for the reception time ).

Would you want to enrich your style with something of exclusive? 

Why don’t choose a pair of elegant gloves or a beautiful hat, such as a fur hat in winter?

And for the shoes? You could buy a pair of elegant boots as option at your summer sandals.

There are beautiful models that you can also reuse after the wedding… And how can you use the shoes that you bought for the summer wedding?
Of course, you can use it during the summer season, anyway, maybe match them with a colorful dress.

autumn wedding flower arrangement inspiration


The flowers perfectly respect the season, and it’d be unfair to tell you that some spring  / summer flowers will be the same during the autumn or the winter season: a peony will not have the same beauty during an autumn / winter wedding.

Anyway, the autumn and the winter season offer a great variety of flowers and greenery to create the style and the atmosphere that you loved, in respect of the trend and the colors of your wedding day.

At the same time, the autumn and the winter season can offer you unconventional natural elements, to enrich your wedding flower arrangement: berries, fruit and vegetables, pine cons… as well as if you love the light atmosphere, these two seasons will guarantee you the most romantic and fairytale vibes using a lot of candles, lanterns, and lights.

With your wedding planner and all the other suppliers who are working at your wedding project, you can study new expedients to create an unforgettable autumn / winter wedding in Italy.


These are only some suggestions to work on the creative details of your wedding day; at the same time, if you have any doubt regarding the logistics of the organization of your wedding, you can read my advice regarding your wedding in Italy during the coronavirus pandemic…. And, of course, if you have other specific questions or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

It will be a real pleasure to help you to realize your dream… And remember… 



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