Waiting the new wedding season and the celebration of my spouses’ weddings in Italy, I want to wish at all of you a sparkling 2021, sharing my positive thought about 2020.


Oh yes, because, even if this 2020 was a dark year, It gave me the opportunity to appreciate some positive moments of the life, as well as I could meet new people and working on new fantastic projects… So, Thank you anyway 2020, and Welcome 2021!


My dear Spouses,

This 2020 is finally arriving at the end. 

It was a surreal year, that obliged most of you to postpone your weddings in Italy and abroad, and that it tested us and our trust in the future.

Our lives changed completely in few months and all our plannings and projects had to be postponed or modified completely, tasting also our willpower… But, I don’t want to loose my heart; actually, every single year I want to find something positive to say “thank you”. 😊

So, here my list for this 2020:



The life gave me one of the most beautiful gifts at the end of 2019… my handsome son!

Of course, we had few opportunities to live the World together during the last months, but all the various lockdowns gave also me the possibility to strengthen strongly our relationship, bringing him in every moment of his new life, living intensely and daily every moment of discovery and this new job, called “Mum”.

Also, the past lockdowns made us understand the importance of the family feelings: on one hand, they obliged us to be far from our parents and relatives, but, at the opposite, they also gave us the possibility to understand the real deep meaning of “distance”, tasting intensely the moment in which we could meet together, again. Also, they gave me the opportunity to stay with my close family for a long time, confronting ourselves and rediscovering the pleasure to stay together, living every moment of the day with a different approach.

So, I want to say “Thank you” at 2020 because it allowed me to appreciate and improve the family relationships.


Luxury lake Como wedding planner


Due to the Covid pandemic most of my couples of spouses were be obliged to postpone their weddings in Italy in 2021 or, also, in 2022.

It was a very sorrow for them to quit for now at their dream wedding in Italy, especially after long months of works and sacrifices. 

My gratitude goes to all of them for their strong willpower, their support, their understanding and for not giving up in the face of adversity, choosing not to give up the dream of getting married in Italy.


Luxury lake Como Wedding


These long months of lockdowns and limitations gave me the possibility to reinvent my style and to design new fantastic projects that I can’t wait to share with my spouses, soon.

From the restyling of my agency image to new wedding design projects, I’m working hard to offer at my spouses something special and unique, bringing them at the discover of my beautiful Italy as their wedding destination.

Also, all these new ideas gave me the great possibility to get in touch with wonderful partners, creating together new fantastic projects, also for my spouses.

So, “Thank you” for the time that this 2020 gave me to transform into reality some of my pending projects and ideas, as well as to gave me the opportunity to meet new people who were an important source of inspiration.



The last months gave me the great opportunity to appreciate the important things, changing completely my mind and my approach at the daily routine and at the life.

It was a period of introspection and discovery of a new internal awareness.

The lockdowns gave me also the possibility to use my time rediscovering my passions that I had to put aside during the last years: my passion for the painting, my love for the cuisine, a book that I bought some years ago and that I’ve never read before… a great nourishment for my spirit and my mind.

Without forget the opportunity to use the long days at home to improve my professional knowledge by professional courses, with the desire to offer at my spouses new fantastic experiences and services for the planning and design of their weddings in Italy.


 So, I want to say “Thank you” at this 2020 anyway, and I can’t wait to start the new year, meeting again all my spouses, celebrating their weddings in Italy with great Joy.

A year full of emotions waits me: from romantic elopements and weddings on the Amalfi Coast, to elegant weddings in Tuscany, up to exclusive weddings at Villa Balbianello and at the lake Como… I will bring you at the discovery of my beautiful country, showing you the beauty of an unforgettable wedding in Italy…. Are you ready to follow me in this extraordinary tour across Italy?


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