Italy is absolutely beautiful, you know, and the choice of venues and locations where plan own unforgettable wedding in Italy are numerous. But, if you would want to plan a small wedding in Italy with few guests? Of course, there are some destinations that can give you exactly what you want for your exclusive micro-wedding in Italy.


Where can I plan a micro-wedding in Italy? What are the best wedding destinations for a micro-wedding in Italy?  How can I plan my micro-wedding in Italy?
Come with me at the discover of the top five wedding destinations for unique micro-weddings in Italy, enjoying of an authentic Italian Wedding Experience.


We are at the end of the summer season. 

During this period, the dream to start the planning of own destination wedding is always very strong and, of course, the desire to get marry in Italy is very attractive. 

Particularly, we are noticing a change in the spouses’ preferences for the planning of own destination wedding abroad, especially in terms of organization and size of own wedding.

In fact, the spouses are paying more attention at the details of own wedding, seeing a trend inversion in planning of weddings, in which the quality, the personalization and the attention at the detail are more important than the quantity of guests on-site.

Spouses are paying more attention at the use of own budget, choosing carefully the services, the destinations and the unique experiences that they want to live with own close family and friends.

As result, the trend of the micro-weddings abroad is growing exponentially in this period, especially there is a wide request of micro-weddings in Italy for the new wedding season. 

And how can be different? 

Italy can surely offer at all the spouses, who want to appreciate the experience of a micro wedding in one of the most beautiful Italian wedding locations, the possibility to live an authentic wedding experience in complete privacy and intimacy, enjoying intensely of our natural, historical, artistic and culinary heritage.

Personally, I really love this kind of weddings and the atmosphere of complicity that you can live with your close family and friends, during your micro-wedding in Italy.

In one of my previous blog post, I’ve already shared with you the reasons to choose a micro-wedding in Italy, but, today, I would want to talk with you about the destinations where you can realize your dream wedding in Italy with few guests.

In fact, even if Italy is beautiful everywhere, not all the destinations can give you suitable wedding locations for micro-weddings in Italy, especially if you would want to plan something of intimate, special and unique with your guests.

How are the best wedding locations for micro weddings in Italy? Discover my personal selection, together.

Wedding Planner Tuscany


Who read my previous blog posts, surely know that I have a particularly attraction and I’m completely in love of Tuscany for different reasons: the aura of silence that pervades the region, the peaceful beauty of its countries, so different according to the area, the thousand years-old history, art and cultural heritage that you can breathe walking along both the streets of a Medieval village and in the heart of Florence, the warm conviviality of its people and its great hospitality,… without forget the sublime culinary tradition!

Everything in Tuscany invites at the discovery of the authentic pleasure of the Italian lifestyle.

But I want to propose you Tuscany as your next destination for your micro-wedding in Italy, not only for its beauties, but, above all, for the characteristics of the venues that you can have there, as well as for the experiences that you can live with your guests.

In fact, the particularly structure of most of the estates and abodes can give you the possibility to rent in exclusive use a private house or villa, only for you and your guests, where stay together for your entire stay and for you wedding day, far away from the other people. 

And what about the boutique hotels and wine resorts? Most of them are very cozy and intimate, hosting only a few number of guests inside. So, why don’t to rent a wine resort in exclusive use only for you and your family, to live the authentic Tuscan experience, pampering yourselves with the high-class service of the hotel?

I think, for example, at a micro-wedding in Tuscany at Conti di San Bonifacio Wine Resort or, also, at intimate wine wedding at Relais Mastrojanni, in Val D’Orcia. Tow beautiful and exclusive wine estate in which discover the long tradition of Tuscany wine, while you are enjoying of the services of a luxury hotel, celebrating in complete privacy your micro-wedding in Tuscany.

What else?


Wedding planner Dolomites


Surely, in the collective imagination, mountains evoke romantic vibes of fireplaces, soft fur carpets, wood, pines and hot cocoa, while it’s snowing outside.

But, mountain it isn’t only for the winter lover. In fact, it can give you extraordinary atmospheres during every season, from the blooming fields of the spring time, to the bright colors of the summer season, up to the reddish vineyards and forests in autumn… Every season in unique and unforgettable on the mountain tops! 

For this reason, mountains are a romantic destination for micro-weddings in Italy, during every season, giving you the possibility to appreciate in deep what the mountain can offer you.

For example, you could opt for a small boutique hotel in a typical mountain village, where plan an elegant, but also cozy, micro-wedding during the autumn season, followed by a daily trip at the discovery of the local farms, as well as you could choose the most attractive and romantic mountain wedding venue: a typical wooden lodge.

A perfect venue for every season, in which discover and live the authentic atmosphere of the mountains, in complete intimacy… Only  you two, your family and the nature all around you.

An intimate venue to live unique moments of pleasure and peace, together.


Intimate weddings lake Como


Famous all over the world for its aura of elegance, charm and natural beauty lake Como can be a romantic destination for intimate and luxury micro-weddings in Italy.

The shores of the lake are studded of magnificent lakeside noble villas with evocative blooming gardens, that you can rent in exclusive use for you and your family, both for your stay and your micro-wedding at lake Como.

I can’t image another beautiful location like lake Como, in which planning a glamour and elegant micro-wedding in Italy, living the unique emotion of a wedding experience, like an international star.

The collateral experiences that you can live there both during your stay and your wedding day are absolutely stunning and amazing: you can opt for an exclusive private tour by boat at the discover of the shores of the lake, or also at daily trip to discover the historical charm of Como while you are  doing shopping in its high-end boutiques, as well as take your time to live the pleasure of a leisure and natural activity either on the Mountain tops or along the Valtellina Valley… without forget to satisfy your senses with a wine tasting in Valtellina or a gourmet private dinner, realized at your villa, only for your and your family.

And about your wedding day? Surely, the beautiful gardens of your venue, as well as the elegant inner rooms can give you the possibility to plan your micro-wedding at lake Como, enjoying of the privacy and intimacy that these villas can provide at all own guests.

A background of perfect natural beauty and charm, to feel like a princess.

From the majestic noble venues, like the luxury villa Balbiano, to the most modern feel atmospheres, these private abodes will surely give you the possibility to enjoy your luxury micro-wedding at lake Como, without equal.


Wedding planner vineyards Italy


We are in Piedmont, not far from the Milan Airports and Torino one, in an oasis of evocative beauty and extraordinary culinary pleasure: the Langhe wine region. Registered as UNESCO World heritage Site, the area is the perfect destination for autumn micro-weddings in Italy, especially for all the spouses who are searching modern confort and elegance, perfectly matching with natural atmospheres and gourmet experiences.

The small villages along the hills, full of vineyards are precious jewels where find intimate wine resorts and boutique hotel, to enjoy pleasant days of relax. In fact, the autumn season can give you the possibility to plan an active and dynamic micro-wedding in the vineyards, enriching it with unique activities, connected at the gourmet and wine tradition, like wine tasting experiences, cooking classes and truffle huntings.

Also, the cozy and intimate atmosphere of the venues in the Langhe, small treasure nestled on the hills of the region, allow you to spend unforgettable days with your close family and friends, far away from the chaos of the city, celebrating your wedding in Langhe and Piedmont, satisfying all your five senses.


Luxury wedding planner ravello


And for all the lovers of the Italian sea?

Of course, there are interesting and stunning solutions for them, too.

Even if the most typical structure of the the villas and hotels along the coast can be big and adapts to host a big number of guests, you can also find beautiful jewels of intimacy, where stay with your family and close friends, celebrating your wedding near the water.

For example, a micro-wedding on the Amalfi Coast can surely be an amazing option for all the spouses, who don’t want to quit at the charm of a luxury Amalfi Coast wedding, even if they have few guests.

In fact, Amalfi Coast can offer you beautiful private villas that you can rent in exclusive use for your stay in Italy, taking also the opportunity to celebrate your wedding there, like at your home.

A perfect mix between exclusivity and family affair, that surely give you unforgettable memories.

Of course, in this case, I’d suggest to take into consideration a micro-wedding on the Amalfi Coast in a private villa, in case you will have a very few number of guests, to appreciate fully the experience of a stay and a wedding in one of the most breathtaking wedding destinations in Italy.


Are you interested in the planning of your microwedding in Italy and would you want to offer at your guests something of unique and unforgettable? Don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of request. 


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