Italy is a Country that can give at all its guests, everything they are searching for their unique Italian wedding: from the crystalline sea, to the rural countryside, up to the peaceful Alps, a summer wedding in Italy will be an unforgettable memento of your Italian experience.


Where can I organize a summer wedding in Italy? What are the best destinations for a summer wedding in Italy? Where can I organize my wedding in Italy if I love the sea? And if I’m a countryside or a mountain lover? A virtual tour from the North to the South of Italy at the discovery of the most beautiful wedding destinations for a summer wedding in Italy.


Welcome summer!

Welcome at the season of the long sunny days, the warm temperatures, the blooming nature. Welcome back at the season of the sea, the nights outside with your friends, the the holidays and the short weekends out of town.

Welcome back at the season of weddings in Italy.

Never as for the weddings 2021, I’m so exited to start again the season of weddings and events along my beautiful country, accompanying my lovely spouses at the celebration of their weddings, after a surreal year, like was 2020.

But for all the spouses who are searching ideas and the best destinations for a summer wedding in Italy in 2022 or later, I’d want to share with you some ideas for the most beautiful summer wedding locations in Italy.

From The North to the South, Italy surely give you unforgettable ideas, where celebrate your wedding surrounded by extraordinary panoramas, enjoying with your guests the authentic Italian lifestyle.

Discover together the most beautiful ones, that can satisfy every desire:

Wedding Planner Liguria


Italy is sea, of course, and the destinations for a summer beach wedding can be surely lots. From the North to the South white sandy beaches and high rocky coasts intersperse the panorama of the peninsula, creating unique ambiences of incomparable beauty, that they can be surely satisfied every preference and need.

In the North of Italy there is the blooming and very romantic Ligurian Riviera. Celebrate your event in this beautiful region, not far from northern airports, can give you the possibility to enjoy the pleasure of the sea, nestled in its traditions fishermen villages.

Think at a romantic wedding in Portofino, for example: one of the most famous worldwide destination in Italy, loved by local and international stars. A destination that can allow to enjoy the authentic Italian lifestyle, without give up at the bucolic and natural setting that this region can offer you. Are you searching a Ligurian location more intimate and authentic? A wedding at Cinque Terre, UNESCO World Heritage site, is the right destination for you. The small colourful villages, the paths along the coast, the evocative panoramas and the sublime restaurants, will give you the possibility to appreciate the real local tradition. 

At the same time, the intimate allure of the area and of the venues make them the perfect destination for an elopement in Portofino or at Cinque Terre.

Travelling towards the South of Italy, the sea is a quality of the different regions. Surely, the first wedding destination that everyone knows it it’s the Amalfi Coast. A luxury Amalfi coast wedding is the dream of most of the spouses from all over the world, who dream both the breathtaking scenarios of the area, the bright colors of the lemons and the Vietri ceramics, the aromas and the flavors of the culinary tradition, matching with the unique and exclusive charm of the villages.

A wedding in Positano or in Ravello, such as an exclusive wedding at Villa Cimbrone, will be surely an experience that live your mark.

But Amalfi coast isn’t the unique wedding destination in Italy, especially in the South of Italy. Every southern region give unique and marvellous corners and locations for summer weddings in Italy. I think at a wedding in Sicily, an exotic region that can offer you everything you are searching for your wedding experience: crystalline sea, rude but enchanting hinterland, great cultural and historical heritage and a sublime culinary tradition. At the opposite, of you are searching the glamour of the Italian sea, Sardinia is the right choice for you.

Are you a countryside lover, even if you like the sea? A wedding in Puglia allows you to appreciate the authentic, peasant atmospheres of the  countryside inside the beautiful white Masserie, not far from the crystalline sea and the sandy beaches of the region.

Without forget the unconditional, but also very attractive seaside destinations: Molise, Conero area, the luxury Capri and the charming Ischia, ecc… the choice is yours!


Luxury wedding in Tuscany


Personally, I’m absolutely in love of the Italian countryside during every season. The natural panoramas that change their colors according to the months, but that always maintain untouched their charm and their evocative atmospheres; the strong connection with the man and the territory, that you can discover walking along the Medieval villages nestled among the hills and living the authentic experiences that each region can offer you.

Surely, if you want to live the unique experience of the Italian countryside, a wedding in Tuscany can be your first choice. Here, you can have a wide selection of different venues that can satisfy every request. In fact, venues are well organised to welcome guests inside, also offering rooms for everyone ( from small groups to big gatherings ), the possibility to celebrate your party until late and, of course, one of the most suitable culinary tradition in Italy.

At the same time, the Tuscan wedding venue, can give you the possibility to organise some collateral activities before and after the wedding day, as well as they are a good starting point to visit the region.

Similar in vibes and in culinary tradition at Tuscany, there is also Umbria. A wedding in Umbria gives you the possibility to live the experience of the Italian countryside, surrounded by an archaic and unspoiled nature, enjoying its long artistic and cultural heritage. 

Also, Umbria isn’t so far from Rome, so it can be a good solutions in terms of logistics.

Instead, if your idea is to live the atmospheres of the Italian countryside, far away from the common destinations, why don’t take into consideration a wedding in Rome, in its marvellous countryside? From the charm of Lake Bracciano to the country area of Roman Castles with its small villages, this destination can provide you interesting and typical wedding venues for a countryside wedding in Italy, living it with peace and the relax.


wedding on the Italian Alps


Mountains are beautiful bit only for winter weddings, but they charm is so variable, to make them an unconventional, but really attractive wedding location in every season, summer included.

The bright colors of the wild flowers and of the pastures, the clean air and the blue sky, the welcoming atmosphere and the intimacy that you can enjoy during your stay are absolutely unique.

Also a summer wedding on the Alps and on the Italian Mountain Tops give you the possibility to appreciate the authentic natural-chic vibes and traditions of the territory, perfectly mixing with the various leisure and natural activity that you can live there: an active and dynamic event for the open-air lovers.


Italy is beautiful everywhere, so I know that the choice of the right destination for your wedding in Italy can be difficult; Italy can offer so many options that can be really different in terms of style, vibes and costs, of course, that can cause you anxiety or doubts in the selection. So, take your time to analyze all the options and all the pros and cons that the destinations can give you, and if you want to be sure that your wedding will be an authentic experience at the discovery of the deep traditions and vibes of your favorite destination, Contact your Italian wedding planner and we will make your authentic wedding in Italy comes true, together.


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