Discover the most stunning wedding locations in Italy where organize an exclusive wedding, surrounded by the charm of the authentic Italian lifestyle.


Why Italy is one of the most attractive wedding destination for the foreign couples of spouses? What are the most famous wedding locations in Italy? Follow me at the discovery of the reasons that make Italy one of the best wedding destination in the World and the 5 best wedding locations in Italy where get married with an unforgettable marriage. 


Italy is beautiful, you know!

From the timeless elegance of the lake Como, to the bucolic atmospheres of the Tuscan countryside, up to the warm conviviality of the South of Italy, every region offers enchanting locations and settings where celebrate your wedding in Italy, satisfying every preference. 

A lot of foreign couple of spouses choose Italy as own wedding destination, enchanted by its romantic allure and its art and history, as well as by the breathtaking natural corners. Also, the emotional influence is one of the first motivations that encourage the spouses at the choice of Italy as own wedding destination. From a simple memory of a trip with own partner, to a deep one, tied at a personal “return at own origins”, especially for the Italian spouses who live abroad, the personal feelings are always very important in the choice of the perfect Italian wedding location for own marriage.

 Without forgetting our sublime culinary tradition that it’s appreciated all over the World: from the North to the South of Italy, every region proposes delicious products and extraordinary wine that will delight every guests, in an explosion of unique flavors and aromas.

 But… What are the most popular destinations for a wedding in Italy?

Romantic wedding in Tuscany


Tuscany is absolutely the first wedding destination in Italy and it is the main choice by all the couple of spouses form all over the World.

Walking throughout the breathtaking landscapes of the Chianti and the Val D’Orcia, you will discover romantic rolling hills, full of olive grows and high cypresses, as well as a great historical, artistic and cultural heritage, unique in the World: not for nothing Tuscany is the cradle of the Renaissance and the birthplace of great artists, writers and patrons.

At the same time, Tuscany is famous for its great hospitality and its sublime culinary tradition, made of fine wine and genuine foods, tied at the rural tradition of this region.

Its rich heritage is perfectly recognizable in the wide selection of different kind of wedding venues that can satisfy every kind of request, style and budget: from he traditional hamlets and farmhouses for a natural-chic wedding in the Tuscan countryside, to the elegant Renaissance villas and magnificent castles for a refined ceremony, a wedding in Tuscany is surely the ultimate choice for an exclusive wedding experience in Italy.

Elisa Prati luxury wedding planner at lake Como


The lake Como is surely one of the most famous lakes in the World, thanks to its stunning panoramas  surrounded by blue water, a lush nature and pure white mountain tops, as well as the ultimate choice for the international luxury tourism: every year, famous actors, musicians, politicians, ecc… spend their holidays in the most world-famous luxury hotels and private villas along the lake, such as George Clooney at his Villa Oleandra, at Laglio.

Thanks to the perfect mix between the refined elegance of the noble villas, now luxury wedding locations at the lake Como, and the natural-feel of the panoramas and the villages, this lake is the perfect wedding destination in Italy, if you want to offer at your guests both relax and exclusive experiences during your luxury wedding in Italy,… A wedding that it will be sophisticated and unique, but also intimate and reserved.


The Italian art cities are the most coveted destination for both the foreign tourists and couples of spouses, from all over the World.

The Italian art cities had been the protagonists of the Italian history during the centuries and, nowadays, they will preserve an important cultural and artistic heritage, unique in the World.

From the big cities to the small villages, these cities were the birthplace and the abode of princes, kings, popes, great artists and patrons, who transformed them in unique and stunning art treasures: open-pit museums where breath the spirit of the ancient past, at the discovery of our culture and our traditions. An important heritage that lives again walking along the narrow streets and the majestic squares, loose yourself at the discovery of both the great historical monuments and the small artisan ateliers, to live the authentic Italian culture and lifestyle.

Weather you desire to get married in Venice, between luxury hotels and noble palaces, or you dream an unforgettable wedding in Rome, surrounded by its world-famous monuments and its thousand-years old past, up to plan an exclusive wedding in Florence, between art, history and refined elegance, choose an art city as your destination in Italy, means to treat yourself and give at all your guests a timeless cultural experience.


Sun, crystalline sea, nature; the juicy yellow lemons and the aroma of the zagara flowers; the famous Italian conviviality and the delicious Italian Southern cuisine… The Amalfi Coast, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the symbol of the Italian exclusivity and elegance; a charming and refined wedding destination in Italy, choosing by all the couples of spouses who research elegant, but also natural vibes and the authentic spirit of the Italian conviviality.

The famous villages along the coast, the stunning panoramas and the unparalleled sunsets over the sea, the aroma and the flavors of a warm and welcoming land will accompany you in the organization of your stunning Amalfi Coast wedding, in  one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Ravello or Positano, such as a luxury wedding at Villa Cimbrone or in one of the exclusive 5-star hotels and elegant villas with blooming gardens and panoramic views over the sea.

Luxury wedding in Puglia


The ancient rural traditions, as well as the natural atmospheres of the countryside, where the blue of the Mediterranean sea is in contrast with the white of the most finest Apulia Masserie, surrounded by olive groves, are the main reasons that encourage the spouses to planning their wedding in Puglia.

Choose to organize a wedding in Puglia means to get in touch with a long, ancient past and centuries-years old traditions, walking throughout the narrow streets of the traditional Apulian villages, as well as to relax yourselves along the most charming sandy beaches of the Salento and, of course, to taste the delicious and authentic Apulian cuisine either in a refined Masseria or in a traditional restaurant.


Obviously, these are only some of the most requested Italian wedding destinations, but Italy offers a lot of unusual destinations; unique locations with a great charm, such as the Laghe wine region, UNESCO World Heritage site, where live a romantic wedding in the vineyard thanks to its exclusive wedding venues, high-quality services and a sublime wine and food culinary tradition.

Instead, if you are searching an alternative seaside wedding destination for a luxury wedding on the Italian seaside, you can choose between the refined charm of the Ligurian Riviera, for an exclusive wedding at Portofino, as well as the authentic vibes of the Sicily, among its thousand-years old history, its unspoiled Mediterranean nature and its excellent wine and food tradition.

And you? What is your ultimate wedding destination in Italy and why did you choose Italy for your wedding?

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