The warm vibes of a rustic-inspired winter wedding: from the venue, to the bucolic flower arrangements, up to the traditional Italian food corners for your wedding dinner, discover my suggestions and tips to plan an unforgettable winter wedding in Italy.


Would you want to plan a winter wedding in Italy? How can you decorate your rustic winter wedding in Italy? What are the best Italian wedding destinations for a rustic winter wedding? An overview of the most charming  creative ideas for a rustic wedding during the winter season.


My dear Brides,

December is finally arrived and, with it, the winter season.

In spite of the freeze temperatures, I think that winter is a wonderful season, not only for the warm atmospheres of the Christmas time, but above all for the bright shades of colors and the evocative panoramas and settings that this season can offer us: the forests of conifers covered by the white snow, the warmth of a fireplace, the aroma of the hot cocoa and the pines, the mistletoe and the holly on the doors, the golden light of the candles… Romantic details that take inspiration by the bucolic and unspoiled ambiences of the nature and that you can make yours for the design of your winter wedding in Italy. 

Exactly! In fact, even if Italy is appreciate as wedding destination during the warmest seasons, that doesn’t mean that it can not offer you extraordinary and unforgettable locations for a rustic winter wedding. Destinations in which live another rural spirit of our country, enjoying a unique winter experiences.

How can you design your rustic-style winter wedding? Discover my wedding tips to create and live an outstanding, rustic winter wedding in Italy.

Winter wedding Dolomites


If you think at a rustic winter wedding in Italy, the first destination that comes to mind is the Italian mountain, especially the Dolomites and the Italian Alps of Valle d’Aosta.

Not for nothing, I think that there is nothing more romantic of a winter wedding in an intimate wooden lodge, maybe surrounded by the white snow and warmed up by the crackling fire of a fireplace.

But, not only the mountain tops can be a wonderful location for a winter wedding in Italy. 

In fact, the medieval countryside castles, the authentic borghi, as well as the country farmhouses and wine resorts of the Centre of Italy can be unforgettable venues for a romantic, rustic-inspired winter wedding in Tuscany or in Umbria, enjoying completely these destinations without the crowd of tourists of the summer season.


winter wedding cake. Rustic winter wedding in Italy


Winter is an evocative season in which the nature can offer you a profusion of brights contrasts and colors: the pure white of the snow, the grey-blue shades of the ice, the dark green of the conifers, the bright colors of the cranberries and the winter sunsets, the orange of the citrus and the brown of the cinnamon,… matching them with the precious sparkle of the metal colors during the Christmas Time or, also, the cozy and warm vibes of the tartan with its many variations.

The winter color palettes that it’s possibile to create for a rustic winter wedding are numerous and they can offer you the real essence and vibes of the season and the nature, offering at all your guests a really WOW!


rustic winter wedding in Italy


If you desire to create a rustic winter wedding in Italy, surely, the set-up of the reception and the table setting are really important to capture the authentic mood of the event.

The nature and your wedding venue will have to be the starting point to design your fairytale atmosphere, like, for example, a winter wedding into a wood: wooden, countryside tables, benches and chairs, rustic fabrics, faux fur and wool, barks, branches and pine cones are perfect materials to decor the tables for the dinner, the venue and the scenographic aperitifs.

And for the mise en place? The vintage-style of the cutlery, the glasses and the china plates, matching with the wooden charger plates and rustic tablecloths will create the perfect warm and cozy vibes of a family dinner near the fireplace.


rustic winter wedding bouquet


Also for the decor and the flower arrangement of your rustic winter wedding in Italy, the nature will come to your aid with its atmospheres and panoramas. 

Forget the sumptuous and static flower arrangements and pay your attention at the bucolic and natural vibes and stylistic lines of the natural elements: pine, pine cones, branches will design sinuous and dynamic decors, that take inspiration from the trees and the wood, while the bright colors of the cranberries, the Amaryllis and the ranunculus, as well as the natural shades of the helleborus ( Christmas Roses ) will give a touch of beauty at your winter flower arrangement.

Obviously, during a winter wedding the light is very important to create the best magical setting at your event; so, give free rein at your love for candles, lanterns and candlesticks, lighting up every corner of your venue and your dinner tables with a myriad of candles and tea-lights: absolutely a magical and warm atmosphere for a rustic winter wedding in Italy.


rustic winter wedding in Italy


Nothing as the cold temperatures cause in ourselves the desire of warm food and drinks that can pamper ourselves with their pleasure aromas and flavors.

A rustic winter wedding in Italy is the perfect occasion to enjoy both of the Italian cuisine and the sublime tastes of winter: from the aperitif to the buffet of the desserts and open bar, there are delicious ideas that born from the rural tradition and that you could take into consideration for your rustic wedding reception in Italy: the traditional polenta ( a savory corn porridge ) served with mushrooms, cheese, fish or meat ragout, or, also, the sciatt ( fried cheese balls typical of the Valtellina valley, near lake Como ) will delight your guests during a cozy aperitif on the Italian mountain tops, like hot soups in finger food ( pumpkin soup, ribollita – Tuscan vegetable soup – and many other suggestions ) can warm up your guests during a winter wedding in Tuscany.

Are you a dessert lovers? A cocoa corner with hot cocoa, chocolate cakes and many other delicacies made with chocolate will satisfy all the palates, as well as a typical Italian dessert corner with the dessert of the Italian winter and Christmas tradition ( panettone, pandoro, nougat, ecc… ) can be an authentic Italian culinary experience for your guests.

And for the drinks? All the warm drinks are the welcomes at the receptions: hot tea corner, infusions, Irish coffe, Punch, Italian vin Brulé, eggnog… are perfect to warm up your guests during your winter wedding day.


Surely, a winter wedding in Italy is a wonderful occasion to discover my country from another angle, enjoying of the unique experiences and activities that the cold season can offer at all of you.

Are you interested in the planning of a winter wedding in Italy, especially with a rustic mood? Contact me and we will make your unique wedding comes true, together.


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