A true luxury wedding in Italy is also represented by the unique experiences that you can offer at your guests, to allow them to live the authentic Italian lifestyle.


How can you organize your rehearsal dinner for your wedding in Italy? What are the different solutions for your rehearsal dinner, during your luxury wedding in Italy? How can you surprise your guests with an exclusive culinary activity during your wedding in Italy? A trip throughout the typical Italian gourmet traditions, from which take inspiration for your high-end wedding-weekend in Italy.


My Dear Spouses,

It’s August. We are in the heart of the summertime and this period always instilled me a great joyful and happiness. The days are longer than in other seasons, the temperature is warm ( sometimes, too warm 😁) and the rhythm of the days is slower. There is the desire to swim into the sea, walk along a mountain path, discover new places and, first of all, stay together, maybe trying new experiences.

Personally, during this season and between a wedding and another,  I really love to organize or take part at some friendly culinary activities and experiences, especially with my family and friends. These convivial moments are typical of our Italian lifestyle and you can also take inspiration from them to plan an authentic Italian style rehearsal dinner ( but also brunches ) during your luxury wedding in Italy… Because the true luxury passes also for the unique, veritable and genuine experiences that you can live in your life.

Are you ready to discover them?


Boho wedding in Tuscany


Summer is the season of the BBQs and, in Italy, it is a reference, a moment of conviviality and happiness, in which stay together cheerfully, in front at a delicious dish of grilled meat or fish and a glass of wine. 

Whatever it will be the style of your wedding in Italy, a BBQ party it’s always a great idea, if you would want to organize a rehearsal dinner in Italy, both informal and very Italian-style.

There are several ideas for your BBQ party in Italy: in the centre of Italy the BBQ is a lifestyle and it occupies an important role into the family life. So, if you are planning a stylish wedding in Tuscany and you love meat, a BBQ will be surely a traditional and delicious rehearsal dinner: what do you think of a “Fiorentina steak” party? The queen of the Tuscan tables will be prepared in front of your guests and it will be served with typical side dishes and a glass of sublime Chianti, under a starred sky… a magical vibe for an exclusive wedding in Tuscany!

Will you marry in the South of Italy and you love the sea? Surely, a romantic BBQ party on the beach with fresh fish and vegetables, Prosecco and lounge music will be a charming experience for an exotic wedding in Puglia or, also, a glamour wedding in Sardinia.


luxury wedding ideas in Italy


During the free summer weekends, I really love to take part at some excursions with my family, organising a pic-nic for the lunchtime. Sitting in contact with the land, listening the sound of the nature and breath the pure hair of a wood, a mountain valley, a countryside or, also, a sandy beach, relax me.

A pic-nic party is a very friendly and unconventional rehearsal dinner idea for your romantic and natural-chic wedding in Italy: big colourful blankets with lots of pillows or, also, rustic wooden tables and chairs ( if you prefer more comfort ), bucolic bunches of wild-flowers and greenery, fairy lights and lanterns, the dishes of the traditions served with a buffet or in big baskets and, of course, lots of fresh drinks… Both you choose to organize it during a country-style wedding in Tuscany, an elegant wedding on the Alps or, also, during a beach wedding in Italy, the vibe will be magic and the experience will be surely a success.


boho chic wedding in Tuscany


The Sunday lunch is a real and iconic tradition in lots of Italian regions; the symbol of the Italian conviviality and hospitality. An intimate moment in which all the member of the family stay together chatting, laughing and eating the plates of the tradition.

These lunches can surely inspired you for the planning of your family-style rehearsal dinner: long tables where sit together, a natural and cozy set-up made with colourful, chequered tablecloths, edible centerpieces made with cheese, cold cuts, bread, fruit and vegetable,… the cozy atmosphere of a summer lunch with your family.

What can you serve at your guests during this dinner? Of course, the choices are numerous and take inspiration from the Italian tradition. 

Are you planning a stylish wedding in Sicily? You could offer at your guests an “Arancini dinner” in which these crunchy and delicious ball made with rice, ragout and mozzarella will be the queen of the table, following by a tasting of the traditional sweets of the island: almond biscuits, cannoli with ricotta cheese, cassata, granita and ice cream,… so delicious and very Sicilian-style!

Will your celebrate a luxury Amalfi coast wedding? The region is the birthplace of the pizza, so it will be a great occasion to serve this world-famous Italian product at your guests, maybe in addiction at an amazing show-cooking experience, in which your guests can be realized own pizza with a real Italian “pizzaiolo”. They will surely love this activity.


luxury wedding aperitif in italy


Summer is also the season in which I love to go out for an aperitif with my friends, especially during the weekends. I like sitting at the table with them, relaxing and chatting together with a fresh glass of Italian Prosecco and some canapés.

Choose an happy hour for your welcome dinner during your luxury wedding in Italy, it’s also a great choice, if you are searching an event that it is also relaxing and fashionable at the same time.

If you are organising a luxury wedding in Rome, in Florence or in Venice, you could offer at your guests a fashionable aperitif with lounge music, Italian wine, cocktails, Prosecco and delicious finger foods, organizing it on an exclusive rooftop with panoramic view over the city and its monuments… The experience will be absolutely unique and glamour! 

Instead of a city, are you planning a luxury lake Como wedding? Surely, an elegant lakeside lido will give you the opportunity to plan an extraordinary happy-hour, directly in contact with the lake, as well as, a private boat tour, with aperitif on board, will transform your rehearsal dinner in a unique experience for all your guests.


Luxury Lake Como wedding dinner


During my journeys, I really like to take part at some wine & food activities, to discover the production process and the history behind a product. It allows me to appreciate in deep the product and all its characteristics.

If you are active spouses and you would want to organise something more dynamic and interactive for your rehearsal dinner in Italy, you could also transform a classical dinner in a culinary experience.

If you are planning a unique wedding in Tuscany and you are wine lovers, you could take part with your guests at a wine experience in a Tuscan wine cellar. Here, you will discover the history of the brand and the wine, the inner characteristics of the products and the production process, as well as the love and the passion of the owner for their wine…. it will also the occasion to organize an interesting and very exclusive wine tasting, in which a professional sommelier will present you the different wines, matching them with the food products and dishes of the tradition.

At the same time, if you will marry during the autumn season with a wedding in Tuscany or a wedding in Langhe and Piedmont and you would want to offer at your guests an outdoor activity, you could take into consideration a truffle hunting with a professional hunter and own dog. You will have fun together and, at the end of the day, you could taste this precious mushroom.

Will you marry with a luxury Amalfi coast wedding? Accompany your guests at the discovery of the most famous local products of this wonderful land, UNESCO World Heritage site: taking part at a mozzarella-class, learning the art or the mozzarella cheese with an authentic dairyman, or also, walking throughout the immense orchards of lemons, to discover the history behind this precious product of the Amalfi coast. And, at the end of the activity, surely a tasting is required. 😉


From the North to the South, Italy offers a great variety of wine&food products that you can discover and appreciate during your luxury destination wedding, but if you are curious to discover some of the most culinary Italian wedding destinations for a gourmet wedding, read my blog post: Five wedding destinations for a gourmet wedding in italy

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more details or for any kind of request, to plan your custom-designed wedding-weekend in Italy… And have a great summertime at all of you!


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