We are going to the end of this year and Pantone finally launched the new color for the next year, as usual: Viva Magenta.
A vibrant color full of life and energy.


What is the new color Pantone 2023? What is the meaning behind the new Color Pantone 2023 Viva Magenta? How can you use it, especially for your wedding in Italy? A presentation of the new color trend of the season 2023 and its potential uses in the next weddings and events.


2022 is arriving at the end and, punctual as every year, Pantone Color institute presented the new color Pantone of the year 2023: Viva Magenta. 

This color will accompany as in all the fields and in the design of all the trends for the next season 2023, also included the design of weddings and events.

But, what is the meaning of this color and why Pantone chose it as new Pantone colour of the year?

This shade of red takes inspiration from the nature and from the red of the cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family.

It’s one of the most primordial, strongest and brightest red in the world of colors and its power involves the spirits and the power of the nature, reconnecting us with the force of the nature and our original and inner strength.

It’s a vibrant color, full of energy, vigor and vim. 

It’s a color that has inside great strength; Viva Magenta is brave, fearless, exuberant and joyful, instilling optimism in life and a new energy.

Viva Magenta is an audacious shade of red, inclusive and powerful and empowering, that accompany our lives and minds in a new era of experimentation and creativity without restriction and limitation.

It’s a color that enrich our spirits and souls of good and strong feelings, helping us in anew discovery of oneself and in own self-awareness.


Pantone Color of the year 2023: Viva Magenta


Being that Viva Magenta is a very vibrant shade of red, between the red and the violet pink, in Armocromia is a shade that represents the winter season and all is energy and brightness colors.

Exactly for this energy, Viva Magenta is a color that is suitable for different shades, always gives joyful and strong power at different color, according to the mood and the trend.

Viva Magenta is perfect with some shades of sun orange, cayenne, carmine rose and turquoise, to create a vibrant and exotic mood, especially in a summer wedding in Italy, near the sea.

At the opposite, if it is matched with the shades of sand and some cold light greys, Viva Magenta becomes very modern and contemporary, giving power and energy at these neutral and soft colours. What do you think to use it for a modern-style wedding, maybe in a contemporary Resort in a city, like Milan?

An about the dark colours? Viva Magenta can perfectly match with dark shades, such as black, purple or some some shades of brown and green, giving a sophisticated and glamour atmosphere. Surely, it can be an extraordinary, sophisticated and unconventional wedding color scheme that can be uses for different kind of trends, such as a glamour wedding in a modern lakeside wedding villa at Lake Como, or also during a unconventional wedding in Tuscany, up to a luxury wedding in Venice, especially if it will be matched with metal shades for a touch of preciousness.

Also it can create a young, trendy and femmine color scheme, matching it with some shades of pink. An hymn at the joy of life and at the women-power, perfect for a romantic spring wedding in Italy, especially along the lake or in the countryside.

Personally, I really love all the shades of red ( and I really love to wear them, of course ) and, especially during this period, this color is a light of optimism and hope, that allow to take on the new challenges of life with a new inner-power, a new inner-awareness and a strong independence by the conformism and the strict rules.


Do you like the new colour Pantone 2023 “Viva Magenta” and would you want to use it for your next wedding in Italy? 

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