Pantone Color Institute presented the new color Pantone of the year 2021 with a surprise: not only a color but a marriage between the shining yellow and the solid grey to transmit a message of positivity and hope.


What is the meaning of the new color Pantone of the year 2021Illuminating? What are the feelings that the ultimate gray transmits? What are the most beautiful color schemes for these colors for a wedding in Italy and where you could use them? 

Discover together the deep meanings behind the new color Pantone of the Year 2021, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray.


We waited with impatience and finally is arrived.

Pantone Color Institute presented the new color Pantone of the year 2021, with a great surprise: not only a single color, but the combination of two different tones: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

The combination of two completely different shades, that mix together to transmit a message of positivity and strength, instilling in all of us serenity, hopefully and energy for a radiant and happy future.

So, positive thoughts that, more than the last years, are necessary, to believe intensely that we will return to shine, soon. Not for nothing, it’s during the moments of crisis that the people search strongly grit, determination, courage and vitality, like the feelings that this shades of yellow and gray, give at all of us: a sparkling and warm yellow that holds happiness and the warm of the sun and summer, as well as a solid and reassuring gray, that resist during the years.

Brightness and resilience to take on the new year with vigor and optimism.

From my side, I waited some days before to publish my opinion of these new shades of colors, taking time to watch them in deep, tasting the feelings that they want to transmit and analyzing them in all their environments and meanings.

The last time that the Pantone Color Institute launched a double color Pantone of the year was in 2016, but I think that the choice to propose again a double color is appropriate, especially considering the complicated period that we are living.

The strong feelings, the need to return to live without the limitations, the desire of security and certainty for the future can not be represent only throughout a simple color, but the complexity of these conflicting feelings requests more attention and a variegated develop of symbolisms.

I’m not a big fan of yellow and, personally, I find the combination between yellow and grey, modern but with a vintage-feel, but it is exactly this impression that do them a winning combination… The stability of the past to look at a new better future with hope.

And regarding the matching with the other colors, especially for a wedding in Italy?

I designed some ideas that can be nice to use the new colors Pantone of the Year 2021, according to the different destinations.

Pantone Color of the Year 2021


The particular brightness of this shade of yellow, as well as the natural vibe of the ultimate grey are perfect to create sophisticated wedding color schemes that take inspiration from the natural elements.

Would you want to organize a summer wedding on the Amalfi coast?

Surely, the classical match with the shades of blue and pearl white will give at your Amalfi Coast wedding a touch of modern elegance, allowing you to live the authentic atmospheres of the coast.

Are you interested in an unforgettable wedding in Tuscany? 

The mix of yellow and grey with the warm colours of the ground, like the olive, the ginger or the brown-parched ground, will surely enrich of style and light every natural / rustic-fell, autumn wedding in Tuscany.

At the opposite, if you are romantic, but also fashionable brides you can not surely give up at a stylish wedding at lake Como, where the enchanting mix of yellow and grey with the lavender, the mauve and the pink shades will give you a glamour lake Como wedding, especially if it is organized during the spring time.

These are just few idea, but you will be able to play with the combination of these two colors  to created fantastic color schemes to empathize and enrich of joy every moment of your dream wedding in Italy, during every season.


And you… What is your favorite color scheme with Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Panotne Color of the Year 2021? What do you think about this new colors for 2021 and would you want to use them for your wedding in Italy?

I’m curious to discover your thoughts… You can send me your ideas using my email or, also, chatting with me on my social Networks ( Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ).
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