An elegant and luxury wedding in Venice, surrounded by the artistic beauty of the city and the sweet notes of the Italian Opera. A timeless, cultural Wedding Experience in Italy, living the authentic artistic and music Italian heritage.

Music, Beauty and Love. These are the words that perfectly describe the vibes of this luxury wedding in Venice, at the majestic Hotel Cipriani.

A three-days wedding for this beautiful couple of spouses from Paris, who chose Venice as the location of their event, offering at their guests the uniqueness of the authentic Venetian Experience, among Venice masks labs, private Opera concert in a noble palace along the Venetian canals and a luxury and very exclusive Venetian wedding, surrounded by the sound of the classic music, loved by the spouses.

In fact, the couple is a great amateurs of the music and Opera, so they decided to offer at their guests not only a classic wedding, but an authentic cultural Italian Experience, starting from the Welcome Party, organized in a noble palace in which the guests could enjoy the Italian Opera during a private concert.

Instead, for the wedding day, they opting for a wedding that was also a unique concert and artistic exhibitions from the ceremony to the end of the party.

For the ceremony, they decided to transform it in a private classic music concert, thanks to an international, renowned string trio. Instead, the dinner was an extraordinary show among a tenore singer and international pianist, as well as a world-famous mentalist and magician. 

Everything in the decoration and in the flower arrangement was also an homage at the authentic Venetian baroque-style; a precious and lush decoration in the shades of gold, white and pink, romantic and sophisticated at the same time.

Absolutely, an unforgettable Experience to enjoy a luxury wedding in Venice, living the authentic cultural and historical atmospheres of this unique and world-famous Italian city, symbol of Art and Love.

Nothing as better for your wedding in Italy, signed by our exceptional Made in Italy.

PHOTO: Thanks to Barbara Zanon Photographer


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