Dreaming Italy: a majestic Medieval castle on a hilltop of the Montalcino hills, surrounded by the vastness of the vineyards and the natural environment of the Val d’Orcia. A luxury wedding venue and Resort suspended among the centuries among history and modern design for your upscale wedding in Tuscany.


Where is located Castello di Velona? How can I plan a wedding at Castello di Velona? Which spaces can I use and what are the peculiarities of the castle? Why you should choose to plan a wedding at Castello di Velona for getting married in Tuscany? Start together this virtual tour at the discovery of this world-famous and luxury wedding venues for high-ends weddings in Tuscany.


I arrived in front of the majestic iron gate of the castello di Velona during a cloudy winter afternoon with a new couple fo spouses, exited to visit it for the first time for their wedding in Tuscany.

Since the first meters along their private road to arrive at the entrance, the atmosphere that you can breath is a perfect mix of elegance, unspoiled nature and luxe. A long road all along the hill that accompany the guest at the hilltop… In front of you the Beauty.


This majestic Medieval castle was built on the top of a hill in the heart of the Val D’Orcia, UNESCO World Heritage Site, during the XI sec. and it was an important military outpost during the rivalries between Sirena and Florence.

It is only during he Renaissance time that the castle also became an important countryside vill and estate to fall into disgrace since our century.

In fact, starting from the 90s’ castle found again is authentic splendor, becoming a luxury Relais for holidays and weddings in Tuscany, thanks also at the discovery of important hot spring under it.

Nowadays, Castello di Velona is one of the most luxury Relais and wedding locations in Tuscany, as well as an exclusive SPA Resort and renowned Wine cellar in Montalcino. 

An oasis of beauty and charm, surrounded by the nature, the vineyards of Brunello and the olive trees.



Nowadays, the castle is an extraordinary example of the perfect mix between the history and the modern design. Since when you arrive in the main courtyard in front of the castle, the beauty of the travertino stone with he dark walls of the majestic castle is amazing. Also the wide courtyard perfectly integrates the iron gazebo with the natural flowerbeds and the stone. 

Inside, the castle is an authentic treasure of exquisite design in which the travertino stone is perfectly mix with the high quality of the forniture, that are realized in respect of the Tuscan vibes, but with extraordinary class and refinement and design. 

In particular, I’m absolutely in love of the new rooms realized with private garden in which the thermal water arrive directly inside your bathrooms. A private SPA in your room. As well as the spouses’ suite with a wide private terrace and private infinity pool for romantic and intimate moments together.

And what about the Pool and SPA area? The marvelous outdoor pool with hot saltwater is directly connected at the indoor one with jacuzzi, as well as the SPA centre is an oasis of peace and relax for all the guests.

The service is at the top level in terms of quality of service and privacy and it will guarantee you an extraordinary, timeless luxury wedding experience in Tuscany and a special stay.

The best peculiarity of the venue? Every room has widow with panoramic view over the hills and the vineyards… Nothing the best for a breathtaking wake up in Tuscany.



Thanks to the high-quality of service and the professional expertise of the staff, a luxury wedding at Castello di Velona is one of the best experience that you can live in Tuscany.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are wide and different and they allow to design and plan a wedding in Tuscany that can be unique and complete personalized every time, hosting a big number of guests at the event.

From the main courtyard with panoramic view for thrilling ceremonies and gourmet aperitif, to the garden of the castle for fairytale sitting dinners, up to the unique pool area in which is possible to dace outside without time limits, the possibilities are different.

Also, Castello di Velona allow to host inside the estate more that 100 guests both inside te castle and in the accommodations nearby the castle, allowing you the possibility to have all the guests nearby you.

And about the food and wine? The possibilities are different: pizza parties, BBQ experiences, Tuscan style dinners or more gourmet experience, whatever is the preference and the request of the spouses, the castle and their staff can provide you everything.


Are you interested in the planning of your wedding at Castello di Velona, in Tuscany?

Contact me for more information and details, to give life at your exclusive Tuscan wedding experience.


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