Dreaming Italy: a unique estate in the heart of Tuscan countryside, strictly connected at the nature as philosophy of life. A wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany is a timeless and upscale sensory experience among unspoiled nature and high-quality services.


How can I plan a wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany? What are the different solutions for a wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro? Why you should choose to plan your wedding in Tuscany at Borgo Santo Pietro? A new virtual tour among the most luxury wedding venues in Tuscany, to discover the reason behind the choice to get married in Tuscany.


The winter season is always the occasion to plan my wedding venues scouting in Italy, to propose at all my spouses only the best of the Italian luxury lifestyle.

During this new business trip, I visited the beautiful and very romantic Borgo Santo Pietro, in Tuscany.

This exclusive Resort is located in the heart of Tuscan countryside, into a wide estate nearby the famous San Galgano Abbey and its “sword in the stone” ( yes, we also have a sword in the stone in Italy )

When you arrive in front of the main gate and their high hedges a world of peace and beauty opens up in front of you.


Located in the heart of Tuscan countryside between Siena and Florence, Borgo Santo Pietro is an oasis of natural elegance with a long, rural and spiritual history connect at the energy and the spirit of the land.

Pulsating heart of the rural life of the local people and important refuge for the Medieval pilgrims, nowadays the owners maintain this spiritual and warm feelings of conviviality and hospitality with a strong connection at the energy of the nature and the land, to give at all the new pilgrims a luxury refuge at the research of themselves, the beauty and the peace.



The magnificent gardens and the unspoiled estate are surely the flagship of Borgo Santo Pietro. A wide property that includes not only the romantic, blooming gardens all around the main Resort and all the villa-suites, in which you will be captured by the aroma and colors of the flowers and the relaxing sound of the water games, but also a wide estate in which you can get in touch with the rural life and the wild nature environment.

The culinary gardens of the estate provide all the fresh products of the land to offer you a sublime culinary experience inside their Michelin-star Restaurant and the exclusive bistrot inside a treehouse.

If you love the adventure, the estate also offers you the possibility of natural excursions among hills and forests, with the possibility to plan an intimate picnic nearby the river into the wood. Only you and the peace of the nature.

The jewel of the borgo? It si surely the romantic lake inside the estate that it was built by the owner as gift for his wife.

A natural corner of beauty surrounded by flowers, in which the ducks and the swans swim serenely. A romantic stone bridge also accompany you at the discovery of a small lodge nearby the lake; here, famous painters from all over the World welcome the guests of the Borgo for a unique painting experience in contact with the nature and the silence of Tuscany.

I can’t think at another location in which celebrate a romantic wedding ceremony at Borgo Santo Pietro, nearby the lake. The small island in the centre of the lake can offer you the possibility to celebrate intimate wedding ceremonies in Tuscany for max 10 guests.

But there isn’t only the lake for your ceremony: if you prefer to celebrate your wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro in a more elegant atmosphere, the gardens of the villa offer you beautiful corners, such as their Fountain garden.

Can’t you give up at the panorama and at the Tuscan vibes? The cypress garden and the olive trees terraces with panoramic view over the hills are the perfect location for a romantic wedding ceremony at Borgo Santo Pietro with a big number of guests.



Borgo Santo Pietro is the perfect example of the pleasure of the Italian lifestyle, surrounded by the noble luxury vibes of the villa.

A stay and a wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany give at all the spouses and their guests the possibility to live the authentic pleasure of the authentic Italian hospitality, satisfying all their senses.

A sensory journey among the pleasures of life and in direct contact of the nature and the energy of the land, that you can live throughout the experiences and activities at the Borgo: painting lessons, tracking excursions, mindfulness and yoga retreats, SPA and massages, holistic experiences, cooking classes and much more…

Without forget the sublime culinary experience that you can live at the Borgo Santo Pietro, to offer at your guests a complete sensory journey among the Italian and Tuscan flavors.

Their bistrot “Trattoria sull’Albero” is a unique tree-house restaurant built around a hundred years tree. It is a warm location of conviviality and authentic Tuscan feel, with a breathtaking view over the hills. The perfect location for a friendly and convivial Wedding Welcome Party in Tuscany. 

Instead, for a glamour and elegant wedding day in Tuscany, their Saporium Michelin-Star Restaurant will be a sublime culinary experience for all the guests, tasting the flavors of the estate and the Italian and Tuscan tradition. A sensory journey among flavors, colors, aromas and the tradition of Tuscany with a touch of innovation and creativity.



A luxury wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro is one of the best experience that you can live in Tuscany between their high-quality services and the natural environment.

Getting married in Tuscany in this fairytale luxury Resort gives you the stunning experience of a romantic and intimate event for all the spirits that are searching a spiritual and timeless wedding in Tuscany, surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the estate.

The elegance of the noble indoor spaces, with the historical and luxurious forniture and the personalized villas and suites, is perfectly nestled into the botanical environment, guaranteeing the planning of weddings in Tuscany up to 50/60 guests, in complete intimacy and relax.


Would you want to plan your destination wedding at Borgo Santo Pietro?

Contact me for more information and details to get married in Tuscany.


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