Dreaming Italy: Getting married in Tuscany at Vignamaggio is one the most timeless luxury experiences that you can live in Italy, enjoying of the top level services and the breathtaking nature of Chianti Wine Region all around you.


Where is located Vignamaggio? How can I plan a wedding at Vignamaggio? Why you should choose to plan a wedding at Vignamaggio for getting married in Tuscany? Come with me at the discovery of one of the most exclusive and exquisite wedding venues for weddings in Tuscany.


As soon as you take the path among the woods and the hills, it seems to enter in a dreamlike vision of peace and unspoiled nature. 

Vignamaggio is located on the top of a green hill, perfectly integrate and surrounded by an expanse of vineyards and and vegetation, standing out in all tis magnificent with its brick red color.


This majestic XV villa was built by the Verrazzanno Family, a family of great explorers, noblemen, shrewd and visionary newspaper proprietors that shaped not only the fortunes of this proud estate but Florence’s place at the heart of Italian culture and public life.

In particular, the most famous member of this family was Giovanni da Verrazzano, an explorer at the service of the French crown that discover the bay of New York.

But, also other great members of this family done the fortune of this estate and the entire region, up to the Second World War.

The gorgeous house and its lands quietly slipped into neglect in years after the Second World war, before being reawakened from their slumber as Il Borgo di Vignamaggio in the 21st century, the perfect wedding venues for luxury weddings in Tuscany.



Nowadays, the villa is an oasis of exclusive charm and relax, thanks to its unspoiled panorama and the high-quality of the services inside. A new abode completely restored with designed forniture and fabrics that represent both the contemporary years and the authenticity of the Tuscan region.

Every room and corner of this exclusive abode ooze elegance, modern vibes and a refined luxury difficult to find everywhere.  An exclusive location for high-end weddings in Tuscany characterized by a fresh and poetic décor. 

The villa has thirteen suites and an unconventional sleepover event room with eight beds, a modern 144-seat theatre, a charming chapel with original frescos, different multi-functional event rooms, ballrooms and dancing rooms with a bar.  Without forget a private barbershop… So unique and an excellence for all the men at the estate.

A particular attention is for the stunning glass Greenhouse that connects the main buildings of the villa with a breathtaking panoramic views over the valley. 

Outside the spaces are different, each one with a breathtaking view over the hills: from the garden of the ceremony with its new rose garden, to the heated pool  with breathtaking 360-degree views across the estate, up to the “rustic” courtyard with an extraordinary fountain table for exclusive and unconventional welcome parties, every corner is unique and allow to plan your wedding in Tuscany exactly as you prefer, completely personalize it.



Thanks to the long experience of their inner staff and the high-quality of the service, Vignamaggio is the perfect wedding location in Tuscany in which enjoy an authentic and iconic Tuscan wedding inside the unspoiled Chianti area.

The wide indoor and outdoor spaces allow the planning of big gatherings in Tuscany in which every detail, moment and space can be completely personalized, according to the preferences of the spouses and the design and develop of the entire vision and project, as well as the top level selection of all the suppliers can guarantee a unique experience living the relaxing beauty and peace of this estate, tasting also the flavors of Tuscany and enjoying of an extraordinary wedding party until late.

In addition, the estate also have additional abodes and private villas nearby the borgo, to comfortably host all the guests and that can be connected at the main villa by an inner transfer service, during the event. 


Vignamaggio is the luxury pleasure of Tuscan lifestyle.

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