Dreaming Italy: A jump into an oasis of authenticity and peace, just few kilometers far from the historical village of Noto, UNESCO World heritage site, and the crystalline sea: discover the charm and beauty of a high-end wedding at Dimora delle Balze, in Sicily.


Why should you plan a wedding in Sicily? Why should you choose Dimora delle Balze for your wedding in Sicily? What are the spaces that you can use for your wedding at Dimora delle Balze? How can you organize your wedding here? An exiting tour at the discovery of this famous, luxury wedding venue in Sicily, a new top-level wedding destination in Italy.


I just returned from my last wedding business trip for the planning of a new wedding in Italy and I’m very exited to share with you the beauty of a new destination for weddings in Italy: Sicily and, in particular, Noto valley, UNESCO World heritage site.

My lovely couple of spouses from US were searching a wedding venue in Italy that can perfectly combines the historical and rustic vibes of the Italian countryside with modern and contemporary feels. It was also important that the venue could offer a genuine experience at the discovery of the local traditions and a high quality of service. Without forget the logistics and the possibility for the guests to have important touristic attractions nearby them.

For all these reasons, they chose to plan a wedding in Sicily, in particular at Dimora delle Balze in Noto: a luxury countryside resort nestled in the unspoiled nature of the countryside, but just few kilometers from the historical village of Noto, the main historical touristic attractions ( Siracusa, the Temples Valley of Agrigento, Modica, ecc.., ) and the crystalline sea of the south of Italy.

A luxury wedding venue in Sicily, loved also by international stars, that mix historical atmosphere, modern top-level comforts and service and the silence of the nature.

Let’s discovery why I was immediately in love of Dimora delle Balze as location for timeless, luxury weddings in Sicily.


Nestled into the rocky hinterland of Sicily, Dimora delle Balze is located in the world famous Noto Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Site, just few kilometers far from Noto, the pearl of the Sicilian Baroque. 

This luxury resort was born in the 1800 as the country-house of the original owners of this fortified stone masseria, who also used it as their holiday escape during the summer season.

Since from its born, this beautiful abode was designed as a perfectly mix between the rustic and rude vibes of the land all around it, embellishing it with natural gardens and artistic and historical details.

Nowadays, thanks with the partnership with two important, international architects and a great team-work inside the estate, Dimora delle Balze becomes a luxury refuge in which the vibes of the past are perfectly mixed with the modern design and the top level quality of service and hospitality, always in respect of the most authentic Sicilian experience.

An oasis of silence for all the creative souls in love with the peace, the intimacy, the authenticity of the land and the traditions. A location far away from the commercial standards, for all the soulful spirits who loved to be cuddled by a worm hospitality and welcome.



Dimora delle Balze is a luxury countryside resort with 11 rooms and suites inside, located in the heart of Sicilian countryside and it can host both intimate elopements and big weddings in Sicily, up to 250 guests, thanks to its wide spaces and different possibilities of organization.

In fact, the various outdoor spaces can give the possibility to plan your wedding in Sicily, creating a continue discovery for the different moments of the event. 

The first breathtaking effect is the main entrance of the Resort: a long natural corridor surrounded by trees and rosemary that arrives in front of the main historical tower of the Masseria. An iconic space with a stunning historical backdrop, that it’s perfect for wedding ceremonies and dinners up to 100 guests.

Inside Dimora delle Balze, the rooms and suites are located all around the different courtyards of the Resort. These spaces can also be used as spaces for your wedding there.

After crossing the main door of the Masseria, the first stone courtyard is the perfect location for a sparkling aperitif time, based on local products and Sicilian live show food experiences. It is a very intimate and cozy space with opening on the inner garden of the venue.

This natural area is a mix of historical elements and botanical ones: a romantic and bucolic corner with Greek columns and terraced gardens that jump the guests into a long gone past. This garden is also perfect for celebrations with breathtaking view over the countryside or also dinners.

Next to the aperitif area there is also a stone door that accompanies the guests into the main courtyard. A wide stone space in which sets up stunning wedding receptions, surrounding by the historical charm of the Masseria.

And for the party? The pool area with its gardens and the lounge area is the perfect location for welcome parties and wedding dance parties, until late.

Inside the venue there is also their Lumia Organic restaurant; a gourmet restaurant and location that combines the modern and design feel with the authentic Sicilian vibes, that can be a sparkling set for glamour events, thanks also to the possibility to open all its glass doors with view over the pool.

Thanks to the presence of all these various spaces, it’s possible to develop and plan your wedding in Sicily, always according to each spouses’ preferences and desires.



Flagship of Dimora delle Balze is their inner gourmet restaurant “Lumia Organic restaurant”

A glamour and designed location, perfectly nestled into the unspoiled stone garden of Dimora delle Balze, that mix the passion for the tradition of the land and its products with a touch of contemporaneity and innovation, to offer a sensory gourmet journey among the flavors of Sicily.

Our menu tasting experience was an unparalleled journey into the Sicilian flavors and aromas: a succession of plates, flavors and aromas that were a unique and sublime gourmet experience between the land and the sea, also thanks to the high-quality of the service and  the warm hospitality of the entire staff of the venue.


Sicily is one of my favorite regions in Italy, thanks to its unique connection between nature, history, art and the respect of the ancient traditions and I’m personally glad that, nowadays, the new couple of spouses are discovering the authentic beauty of this new destinations for weddings in Italy.

In particular, Dimora delle Balze was a pleasant discovery: I was absolutely in love of its energy, its design, its hospitality and conviviality. I’m fascinated by the care and the attention at the detail in every aspect of the set up of the venue, without cover the authentic historical beauty of the abode. 

A contemporary, glamour style realized respecting the colors, materials and fabrics of the land and the countryside, mixed with the organic natural environment and the inner cultural heritage.

A sensory journey among the centuries and the history of Sicily that covers all the five senses.



NUMBER OF GUESTS: up to 250 guests

ACCOMMODATIONS INSIDE: 11 rooms / 22 guests

BANQUETING: In-house food and wine service.

NEAREST AIRPORT: Catania airport – 1 hour far from the venue.


Are you interested to get married in Sicily at Dimora delle Balze? 

Contact me for more information and details.


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