Dreaming Italy: Travel with me at the discovery of the most beautiful wedding venues where plan your luxury wedding in Italy.


Where can I get married in Italy? What are the most exclusive wedding venues in Italy? Where can I plan my luxury wedding at lake Como? Living your wedding at lake Como and in Italy in our beautiful abodes will be absolutely the most unforgettable experience that you can have in your life.


My dear Brides,

Welcome 2021!

As my first blog post of this new year, I’d want to share with you my new section for your exclusive weddings in Italy and all your special events: “DREAMING ITALY”. A virtual tour along my beautiful peninsula, at the discovery of the most exclusive and luxury wedding venues in Italy… Places of great charm and evocative vibes that will be able to offer you the most unforgettable Italian wedding experiences.

As the first leg of our tour across Italy, I couldn’t not choose my close wedding location: an exclusive Italian wedding destination that makes in love all the couple of spouses from all over the World and not only. A world-famous destination thanks to its superb noble villas, the charming villages and panoramas and the luxury services that give you the possibility to live your wedding in Italy or your holiday like a star… I’m talking of lake Como, of course.

And, which Luxury Lake Como wedding venue can I present you? Of, course, the most famous one on the lake: the magnificent Villa Balbianello! Are you ready to leave with me for this first tour on the lake?

Villa Balbianello wedding planner


It was the Cardinal Durini the first owner of Villa Balbianello, bought it at the end of 1700 and built the Villa as a place for holidays and for literary entertainment. During the centuries, the Villa became a place of meetings for important people of the culture, literature and politics: a tradition that continue up to the arrival of the last owner, Guido Monzino. A great businessman, a man of culture and a globetrotter that transformed the Villa in a museum of its travels and discoveries.

It’s only with its death that the Villa became a property of FAI, continuing to maintain its original purpose.


Luxury Villa Balbianello wedding planner


Located at the end of a natural peninsula and surrounded by a forest, surely Villa Balbianello is one of the most luxury lake Como wedding venues.

Choosing by Hollywood directors as set of great films, like Star Wars and 007 James Bond, Villa Balbianello is synonymous of natural elegance and refinement, thanks to the perfect harmony of the nature with the touch of the man. 

Beautiful and lush terraced gardens over the lake, where the elegance of the Italian-style gardens lives in symbiosis with the grandeur of the French-style ones, everything surrounded by wisterias, plane trees, ivy, English-style lawns… a mix of Alpine vegetation and Mediterranean one, interrupted by classical statues; a natural elegance, a bucolic vibe that seduce the spouses from all over the world, who choose Villa Balbianello as perfect venue for both their intimate elopements and luxury lake Como weddings.


Villa Balbianello wedding planner


The main characteristic that makes Villa Balbianello one of the most requested wedding venues in Italy for both exclusive lake Como elopements and luxury lake Como weddings is the possibility to reserve the different outdoor and indoor spaces, according to your number of guests and the type of the event that you’d want to organise here.

From a romantic wedding ceremony under the magnificent Loggia Durini and with one of the most breathtaking panoramas of the lake all around you, to an intimate party developed between the darsena, the Loggia Segré and the main terrace, up to an exclusive and very luxury wedding at Villa Balbianello, rented the entire Villa in exclusive use ( the exclusive lakeside terrace included ), your event will be always an experience that will conquer you and your guests.

Surely, being that the Villa is an artistic Italian monument, the rules for the use of the property can be very strict, but correct of course, to preserve untouched the historical and natural beauty of this unique venue in Italy.

Choosing Villa Balbianello to get married at lake Como means to get in touch with reverence at the vibrant atmospheres of the culture and the unspoiled nature that this place can give you.

A curiosity: Villa Balbianello is reachable only by boat, during weddings and events… which better and unforgettable experience for you and your guests that arrive at your event living the exclusive atmospheres of the lake, like a star. 😉


I hope that this first stage of this virtual tour across my country, at the discovery of the most beautiful Italian wedding venues, can allow you to daydream your luxury wedding in Italy and if you are curious to discover the main reasons to choose to get married at lake Como, read my previous post: five reason to plan an exclusive wedding at Lake Como

Would you want to plan your wedding at Villa Balbianello? Contact me and we will make your luxury lake Como wedding comes true, together.


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