Dreaming Italy: Our virtual tour across my country at the discovery of the most unique Italian wedding venues where organize an exclusive wedding in Italy has moved on the evocative Amalfi coast. Today, we are in the beautiful village of Ravello, to visit the magnificent Villa Cimbrone.


What are the most breathtaking venues for an unforgettable wedding in Ravello? Why Villa Cimbrone is one of the most luxury wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast? How can I plan a high-end Amalfi Coast wedding at Villa Cimbrone? Discover with me the unique charm of Villa Cimbrone, an exclusive 5-star hotel in Ravello and the location for luxury weddings on the Amalfi Coast.


Our trip at the discovery of the most exclusive Italian wedding venues continues on the Amalfi coast, UNESCO World Heritage Site. An evocative wedding destination in Italy and a land of strong contrasts, that will seduce you completely, thanks to its breathtaking natural beauty that perfectly matches the warm atmospheres of the sea with the rural ones of the hinterland, its sublime culinary tradition and its unique and very elegant lifestyle, but also authentic and tied at the tradition.

Today, I want to bring with me at the discovery of one of the Amalfi coast wedding venue that is the symbol of this region and a great historical, artistic and natural treasure: the extraordinary Villa Cimbrone, a great cultural heritage where organize a luxury wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast Villa Cimbrone wedding


Located at the end of the characteristic village of Ravello, in an area of incomparable charm and reachable only on foot, Villa Cimbrone always seduces the hundreds of tourists and spouses who cross its gate every year, with its historical beauty and its magnificent blooming gardens.

The Villa is an ancient abode of about XI sec. In the 1300, it became the main house of one of the most important noble families of the region, and during the centuries hosted important personalities, politics and artists who described its breathtaking beauty at all the World.

Today, the Villa maintains untouched its original artistic atmosphere and charm. I’m always thrilled to walk throughout its magnificent botanical gardens or inside the Villa, where the authentic frescos rooms, the architectural decors and the antique objects give at the visitors a feeling of great respect and strong emotion.


Villa Cimbrone luxury wedding


Created by a World-famous English architect, the botanical gardens of Villa Cimbrone are a outstanding natural treasure and a wonderful setting for every special event and exclusive wedding on the Amalfi Coast. 

The different corners of the gardens will give unique views and natural glimpses, perfectly matching the Mediterranean greenery and the flowers with beautiful classical statues and architectural elements, like the Roman temple in the Tea Garden, a perfect setting for intimate wedding ceremonies. Surely, your guests will be completely fascinated by the romantic garden of roses, the long hallway covered by wisteria at the entrance of the villa or, also, by the breathtaking view that they will have from the outstanding Garden of two Fountains, an incomparable locations for exceptional weddings at Villa Cimbrone.

The different gardens always offer at all the spouses the possibility to celebrate a romantic wedding in Ravello, surrounded by the silence of the nature and by the privacy that this enchanting place can offer you.


Villa Cimbrone wedding planner Amalfi Coast


When you think at Villa Cimbrone, the first thought goes to the World-famous Infinity Terrace. A extraordinary panoramic terrace where its famous and historical busts stand out over the incomparable panorama of the coast and the crystalline sea.

The view from its Belvedere isn’t for the faint of heart, of course, but it is absolutely breathtaking and unique all over the World and it will capture you intensely with also a touch of thrill of emotion.

The Infinity Terrace is absolutely one of the most exclusive settings for events and luxury weddings at Villa Cimbrone, like for the organization of your stylish wedding aperitif during the sunset or, also, for an unforgettable wedding engagement on the Amalfi Coast.

But there isn’t only the Infinity Terrace as unique setting to seduce your guests during your wedding at Villa Cimbrone: the ancient Crypt is an authentic architectural and historical heritage for every kind of event: image you and your guests sitting together for a sublime wedding dinner, realized by the Michelin-star restaurant of the hotel and surrounded by the historical atmosphere that pervades the walls all around you. Nothing as better for your Italian wedding experience on the Amalfi Coast. 


Personally, every time that I accompany a new couple of spouses during a visit at Villa Cimbrone, my eyes are full of astonishment, and my heart is full of joy. Every time is like to discover the villa for the first time: the vibes, the colors the aromas and the views are always unparalleled and unique and, they will surely touch you deeply.

If you are interested in the planning of a luxury Amalfi coast wedding at Villa Cimbrone and would you want to offer at your guests a unique Italian experience, you can surely get in touch with me for any kind of question ad request. I’m always glad to bring my spouses at the discovery of the authentic Italian charm of the South of Italy and the Amalfi Coast.


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