Dreaming Italy: Continue our virtual tour at the discovery of the most beautiful wedding abodes in Italy, where celebrate your authentic Italian wedding experience. Today, we continue our visit of the Amalfi Coast, presented you an intimate abode full of history, elegance and charme: Villa La Rondinaia.


Where can I getting married in Ravello?  Where can I organize a luxury wedding on the Amalfi Coast, in comple privacy? Why Villa La Rondinaia is one of the most luxury wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast? Where can I plan my stay and a stylish Amalfi Coast wedding? Let visit at Villa La Rondinaia, an extraordinary example of the Italian mastery, surrounded by an unspoiled and lush greenery, overlooking the blue Tyrrhenian sea.


My lovely Spouses,

We continue together our virtual tour at the discovery of the most exclusive wedding venues in Italy. Abodes of great charm, that will conquer you with their natural, artistic and historical heritage; places of extraordinary beauty where live a unique and exclusive wedding in Italy.

I already presented you the dream of a luxury wedding at Villa Cimbrone in one of my last blog post, one of the most extraordinary wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast; today, I’d want to continue our trip on the Amalfi Coast, talking you about a new luxury wedding venue in Ravello: a wonderful private Villa, nestled in the coast and surrounded by a wide terraced park, that overlooks the entire coast and the sea… Villa La Rondinaia.

Cross with me its gate and live the Emotion of an authentic luxury Amalfi coast wedding experience, in complete privacy and intimacy.

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The villa was built at the beginning of XX sec., thanks to Lord Grimthorpe’s daughter ( the same owner of Villa Cimbrone ), who realized it inside a blooming wide park, directly nestled into the coast, such that you can have a breathtaking view over the coast from all over its windows and terraces.

Thanks to its beauty and its hidden position on the coast, the villa became a literary shelter for artists, writers, actors, politicians during the centuries, up to the 1972 when the Villa was bought by the writer and playwright Gore Vidal, who lived here for about thirty years, writing here most of his famous books and hosting contemporary international celebrities.

Nowadays, La Rondinia is a luxury abode for holidays and exclusive weddings on the Amalfi coast, where celebrate our events in complete privacy and surrounded by one of the most breathtaking panoramas of the World.


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When you cross the gate of the villa, your gaze will be conquered immediately by the extraordinary views and the magnificent terraced gardens who will welcome you, like in a paradise.

The stone path surrounded by cypresses with accompany you along the different gardens and intimate corners, where the Mediterranean scrub hugs pines, olive trees, citrus trees and lush flowers. 

Among these natural beauties, the cobalt blue swimming pool will give you moments of incomparable pleasure and relax. 

At the end of this natural oasis, hidden behind the coast, there is the white silhouette of the villa, that will welcome you. 

These magnificent gardens will offer you extraordinary views over the coast and they will have you the possibility to host a big number of guests, during your luxury destination wedding in Ravello.


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Villa La Rondinaia will conquer you not only for its unspoiled gardens, but also for the high-end services and the exquisite forniture and details.

Restoring in 2019, the villa is a glorious example of the local mastery, perfectly mixing the incomparable design “Made in Italy” with its authentic artistic & historical heritage and the antique forniture of the villa.

The final result is unbelievable: an abode that it is an authentic jewel, bright, elegant and luxurious at the same time.

There are lots of corners and details that are absolutely magnificent inside the villa. Personally, I really love the attention of the actual owners at the local tradition: the Vietri ceramics tiles that you can find in some rooms are absolutely stunning.

As well as, I got out of breath in front of the view that you can have from some of the windows, as well as from the jacuzzi inside one of the suite.

But, one of the surprise that I really love most, is the possibility to go on the roof, using it like your private terrace. The view from the roof is unforgettable and absolutely breathtaking… Is like to stay in the sky, overlooked the coast from another and unique prospective. 

But the villa is also a shelter of culture and history and you can not remain indifferent in front of Gore Vidal’s studio, that nowadays is become a museum, in memory of the writer. Among its walls you can still breath his aura and the authentic cultural spirit that pervaded the villa during the centuries


When I visited the first time the villa, the emotion to enter in an abode with this important cultural and historical past was absolutely unique. In fact, the villa is an extraordinary location for all of the people who are searching not only a luxury wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast, but also the possibility to live intensity the authentic spirit of the region, breathing its past, its culture, its history and lifestyle… It’s the ideal venue for a attentive and discerning clientele who want to live an authentic Italian wedding experience on the Amalfi Coast.

Would you want to discover more information regarding a luxury wedding on the Amalfi Coast, especially at Villa La Rondinaia? Contact me and I will be really glad to take part at the realization of your desires.


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