Give yourself and your guests the authentic luxury pleasure of the Italian lifestyle, enjoying our world-famous Style and our unique cultural, natural and culinary Heritage.

I love Italy for its long history, art, culture and its iconic lifestyle.

I am fond of the landscapes, the flavors, and the aromas that every region can offer.

I enjoy hosting you in my home country and bring you closer to the wonders of natural beauties, breathtaking places, extraordinary events, authentic wine and food tradition and our unparalleled “Made in Italy” style.

I accompany you in the creation of your timeless Italian Experience for the special day of your event or wedding in Italy and all the days of your stay in my country, living the authentic vibes of the Italian “Dolce Vita“.


The pleasure of the table is one of the symbols of the Italian Dolce Vita.

In fact, Italy is renowned all over the World for its long and incomparable culinary tradition: from the North to the South of my country, you can get in touch with unique wine and food products, that you can’t taste in every other country or region.

Thanks to my passion for my country and my knowledge of the territory, I always love to accompany my clients and their guests at the discovery of  the best culinary Experiences in Italy, the authentic flavors, the most refined Italian wine and food products, made with care, attention and love.

This will be a sensorial journey, brimming with innovation and rich in tradition, into the authentic Italian wine and food culture, discovering together the roots of the world-famous “Made in Italy” and the reasons why everybody loves it in the world.


The research of oneself and own wellness passes throughout the care of own body and own spirit.

The current busy life, that we are daily living, can bring us to face exhausting situations that damaging own energies, own body and our mind, going us away from the research and comprehension of ourselves.

For this reason, it’s important to give us time to focus on the research of oneself, in a deep work of research and personal introspection.

A trip at the discover of own spirit, about which I love to be a silent part, peacefully bringing all my clients un the research and planning of Sensory and Meditative Experiences in Italy for yourselves and your guests, that also become a moment of complete awareness and timeless relax.


“Elegance is the balance between Proportion, Emotion and Surprise” ( Valentino Garavani )

Italy is famous all over the World as birthplace of the biggest artists of the fashion industry, the haute couture and the Italian handcraft: an explosion of excellence, audacity, creativity and innovation, unique symbol of the Made in Italy.

A long experience in the fashion industry and a deep passion for the Beauty, that I always instill in a personal research of the authenticity without following the trends, but creating my owns,  transmitting them in the planning of every Italian fashion experience for all my clients.

My team of fashion professionals will assist you, selecting the best fashion experiences, also for the day of your wedding in Italy! 

I love to make your fashion experience in Italy memorable!


From the North to the South, Italy has a long and rich cultural, artistic and historical heritage, offering you great cultural sites and experiences.

With a great passion for the Art and and a deep curiosity to discover our long past and our history, I love to accompany all my clients in an extraordinary and timeless journey through the centuries, to discover the beauties and the heritage of my country.

Let’s plan together a rich cultural program for your wedding in Italy, to make sure that your cultural Italian experience is exactly what you were looking for.

Luxury wedding Villa Cimbrone


Have you ever dreamed to fly a helicopter? Hot air baloon? Or to ride a Vespa across the green Tuscan hills? This is all possible for you and your guests to enjoy thanks to the luxury services that I am happy to offer.

Car and boat rentals, exclusive opera concerts, sublime gourmet experiences in gourmet restaurants… All this, and so much more, will be stress-free for you and your guests will live the authentic Italian experience to the fullest.


For all the couples who like to live surrounded by the nature, let me offer you a very extensive portfolio of luxury services dedicated to sport and nature.

I have selected the most beautiful hiking tracks on the Dolomites and along the Amalfi coast, snorkeling in Sardinia and horseback riding in Tuscany. All my partners are professionals with a long experience with Italian and International clients and are ready to show you the natural beauty of my country.


Together with her experienced team of professionals, Elisa Prati wedding planner in Italy assists you, plan the most outstanding weddings in Italy, special events and big gatherings, select only the most exclusive wedding locations and services, the most sublime Italian food and wine, and the authentic experiences.

Elisa Prati wedding in Italy organize exclusive weddings in Italy  and unique events in the most famous and valued Italian wedding locations: Venice, Rome and Florence, as well as luxury Lake Como weddings, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Capri and many other unique Italian wedding destinations.

Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy will take care of you and your guests from the moment you arrive until you leave, with luxury services and bespoke experiences.

Event and Wedding Planner in Italy

MOB: (+39) 339 63 51 420

EMAIL: info@elisapratiweddingitaly.com

SKYPE: elisaweddings.italy (by appointment only)


I love organizing high-end weddings in Italy and sharing with you my passion for Italian beauty and hospitality. Let me take care of your perfect wedding in Italy. Let's talk together about the most beautiful Italian wedding venues, the most exclusive concierge, event and wedding services, the custom-designed experiences and details, and everything you need to make your wedding dream come true, always exceeding your expectations.

Let me guide you through the most beautiful wedding locations in Italy: Venice, Capri, Rome, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily; I can suggest you the perfect place to fulfill your wedding dreams.

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