A romantic journey among these three days celebration.
An unforgettable, country chic Indian wedding in Tuscany at Borgo di Pietrafitta, between tradition and authentic Italian vibes.


From Singapore to Italy, Christina and Sumeet desired to enjoy the authentic Italian vibes for their wedding in Tuscany, perfectly mixed their personal traditions with the Tuscan atmospheres: an unforgettable three days wedding experience, living the spirit of the countryside and the Italian conviviality.


Christina and Sumeet were very attentive at the territoriality and sustainability, as well as they desired to offer at their guests the authentic Tuscan hospitality and atmospheres during their wedding and stay in Italy. 

For this reason, we planned and design their wedding in Tuscany respecting the season, putting a careful attention at the choice of the natural materials and fabrics for the set up, the flower arrangement and all the details fo the event.

The color palette of the different events planned for this three day wedding took inspiration by the natural vibes of the nature environment, the season and the country vibes of the borgo di Pietrafitta, the wedding venue for their wedding in Chianti.

A mix of natural colors from the dark green and brown shades of the land, to the warm ones of the autumn season with a touch of pink for the mend party, enriched with the use of wood, stone and natural fabrics… The authentic, rustic vibes of the countryside.


The spouses desired to combine the Indian traditions with the authentic Italian and Tuscan ones for the planning of their wedding in Chianti. For this reason, they decided to opt for the celebration of two different ceremonies: a symbolic ceremony inside the ancient church of Borgo di Pietrafitta and the more traditional Indian wedding ceremony the day after.

A three days celebration to honor the culture and the traditions of both the spouses and their families.


IThe spouses decided to host all their guests from all over the world, inside the beautiful Borgo di Pietrafitta in Chianti, an ancient Medieval borgo with private church, nestled in the unspoiled nature of the Chianti with a breathtaking view over the hills. 

A natural paradise that combine nature, history and privacy.

During their stay, the spouses also wanted to enrich the experience of their guests offering authentic Tuscan activities, such as a private tour in Siena and a dynamic e-bike tour among the hills fo Chianti. 

Also, to welcome all their guests at the Borgo, we planned a tradition family style dinner as rehearsal dinner for the day of their arrival, setting up a long table in front of the Renaissance villa fo the borgo, lighting it up with a long garland of candles. 

The dinner was an homage at the Tuscan tradition, proposing plates of the home cuisine, warm and delicious at the same time… As to be welcomed inside a typical Tuscan house. 


The second day of this Indian wedding in Tuscany combined the West and East traditions.

We started this second day celebration in the morning, setting up a romantic and intimate wedding symbolic ceremony inside the small church of the Borgo di Pietrafitta, decorated with a lush mix of greenery, fresh and dry flowers in the shade of hazelnut and brown, with a touch or burnt orange: a reference at the season and at the land.

After the celebration, the spouses entertained their guests at the Renaissance villa fo the borgo with a delicious light lunch.

In the evening, we started the second part of the celebration, planning two different parties: a mehndi party for all the ladies and a BBQ party for all the men.

This mehndi party in Tuscany was set up in the garden of the upper borgo, under a myriad of string lights.

For the occasion, we designed a scenographic mehndi corner with a lush flower decor and ancient Indian carpets where all the ladies were welcomed by two mehndi artists who designed a mehndi at all of them. To entertain the ladies at the party, the bride wanted to offer them an authentic Italian style dinner with Pizza, Salad and Spritz. The typical Italian, friendly dinner in contrast with the authentic Indian tradition.

Meanwhile the ladies had their mehndi party, all the men celebrated the next groom-to-be with a delicious Tuscan-style BBQ party in the panoramic garden of the Borgo with a breathtaking view over the sunset and the hills.

A delicious and very traditional Tuscan food experience among Brunello, Negroni, and a selection of grilled meat respecting all the creeds: so, not only the king of the Tuscan table: the Fiorentina steak, but also chicken and vegetarian grilled options to satisfy all the guests. 


It’s the second day wedding! It’s the day of the Indian wedding ceremony in Tuscany to celebrate the groom culture.

The Indian ceremony at Borgo Pietrafitta was planned in front of the Renaissance villa, with view over the green hills. For this wedding day in Tuscany, we changed the set up of the event opting for a lush greenery set up, with just a touch of gold and natural stone, in line with the atmospheres of the venue.

The area of the celebration was decorated with high cups full of greenery, as well as an authentic Indian carpet. The Indian ceremony was very captivating and touching at the same time.

Afte the ceremony, the guests reached the upper courtyard and garden of the borgo where they were welcomed by a delicious and rich Italian style aperitif based of wine and food products of the Italian and Tuscan tradition. 

The aperitif was like a fairytale moment, setting it up under the big trees of the garden and lighting it up under a myriad of lights… In background a breathtaking golden sunset ( that it was also the charming background of the romantic photo shooting ).

It’s the dinner time: the reception was panned in the courtyard of the borgo and the table was decorated mixing the elegant charm of the mise en place with the natural fabrics and the lush greenery flower decor. The dinner was a moment of great emotion and authentic food pleasure.

The cake cutting followed immediately the dinner and it was set up in front of the villa, creating a scenographic background with lanterns, candles and greenery. The spouses decided to emphasize the service of the cake with a corner of coal sweets, such as a selection of different flavors of homemade cantucci, ricciarelli and so on… An homage at the Tuscan cuisine and table.

Let’s dance! The dance party was set up inside the villa, among the ancient wine barrels of the Borgo ( that is also a wine Relais ), enriched it with a glamour open bar service.

An unforgettable autumn Indian wedding in Tuscany that it was also a real experience of harmony and cohesion of creeds and cultures, a timeless celebration in respect of the land, the season and the environment, a relaxing, country chic wedding in Tuscany that was an authentic exaltation and celebration of the globalization between the Italian-style and the Indian culture and tradition.  

A unique and timeless Italian experience for own wedding in Tuscany.

PHOTO & VIDEO: Thanks to Esme Film & Photography


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