“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail” ( Giorgio Armani ). In fact, all the details are always very important; not only the creative details, but also the logistics ones that, could be less exiting, but they are very important for the success of a luxury wedding in Italy.


How can I organize my luxury wedding in Italy, providing the best experience at my guests? Which luxury services should I take into consideration for the organization of my wedding in Italy? How can I work to make my guests’ stay pleasant during my wedding in Italy? An overview of the most important luxury services that you should take into consideration in the planning of you exclusive wedding in Italy, to offer at your guests the best Italian Wedding Experience.


My dear Brides,

You finally received your engagement ring, and you started to think at the planning of your wedding. Surely, if you arrived on this page, it means that you don’t want to organize your wedding in your country, but you are searching an ultimate wedding destination for you and your guests, that can provide you tailor made, luxury wedding services and in which you can live unforgettable experiences among art, culture, natural beauties and sublime culinary traditions… Obviously, there isn’t better choice than a luxury wedding in Italy, to satisfy all your desires.

In fact, as I’ve already introduced you in my previous articles, a luxury wedding isn’t only a lush decor, but it passes for the exclusive and custom-designed experiences and services that you can provide at your guests. 

But, how can you create an authentic luxury wedding experience in Italy?

There are some tips that you can take into consideration to plan your exclusive wedding in Italy; some of them could be obvious, but, sometimes they aren’t taken into consideration by the spouses…. So, take a paper and note them. 😉

Luxury wedding Villa Balbiano


When you are organizing your wedding in Italy, one of the first steps of the organization is the delineation of the most suitable accommodations for all your guests. 

In fact, even if some venues can provide rooms, some abodes don’t have them inside, so it’s important to reserve the nearest accommodations, to guarantee at your guests the vicinity at the place of the event. ( In fact, consider that if you decide to plan your wedding in Italy, during the high-season, the hotels for holidays and weddings are very requested and in some destinations it’s always recommend to reserve them with lots of months in advance ).

At the same time, the choice of a selected list of accommodations will guarantee you an easier management of the transfers ( read the next paragraph ).

There are different solutions for the organization of the accommodations, according to your budget available: you can choose to pay the rooms for all your guests, or only for your family and your bridal party, as well as you can choose to ask only an option on the rooms, but your guests will pay them… Whatever will be your choice, it’s always suggested to provide a good selection of different categories of accommodations, to satisfy every kind of request and guest’s budget. 

Surely your wedding planner in Italy, will suggest you the best solutions for your event.


Luxury wedding at lake Como


When you organize your wedding abroad, it could be a great gesture of courtesy offer at all your guests a transfer service from their accommodations to the place of the event and return. In this way, you will guarantee them to enjoy completely the event without any kind of restriction ( it isn’t very nice if one of the guests receive a fine while he is driving own car, because he drunk a lot during the wedding party, is it? ).

To organize the service in the better way, it’s suggested to collect in advance the name of the accommodations of all your guests, in order to plan a detailed time table of the service and, at the same time, to inform the guests in advance regarding all the departure times and the returns.

Also in this case, your wedding planner in Italy will be a great support in the management of this service, in order to avoid any kind of delay.

And if you would want to guarantee at your guests a luxury wedding service for your glamour wedding in Italy, you could also take into consideration the idea to provide some means of transfer for the arrival of the guests in Italy and for their return at the airports. 

They will surely appreciate the gesture and they will be able to enjoy the transfer together, without stress. 


luxury wedding planner in Tuscany


If you are planning a wedding in Italy, especially with more that one day of stay, it can be  very appreciate to offer at your guests proper meals during their stays, especially the evening before the wedding, when all the guests will arrive at their hotels and they don’t know the area, as well as the day after the wedding, when they will get up late after the party, and they could arrive later at the breakfast at the hotel.

The solutions for an authentic rehearsal dinner and a brunch in Italy are various and they depend on your budget available; but whatever will be your choice, your guests will be really appreciate the kindness.


Luxury wedding at lake Como


You are planning your refined wedding in Italy, the birthplace of great artistic movements and world-famous artists, architects, writers & musicians. The State with the highest concentration of UNESCO World heritage sites and in which you can discover breathtaking natural beauties, from the Northern Alps, to the crystalline sea of Sicily. The land with a delicious and sublime culinary tradition, loved all over the World.

In a land like this, surely, the best way to allow at your guests to live a luxury experience, is to give them an authentic activity at the discovery of the local traditions and beauties of your wedding destination.

If you are planning a luxury wedding at lake Como you can take into consideration different activities for you and your guests during your stay: from an exclusive private tour by boat at the sunset with a fashionable aperitif on board, to a private excursion at the Valtellina valley to taste the local wine and food products, up to a sparkling bbq party directly on a lakeside beach. 

Otherwise, if you will marry with a wedding in Tuscany, surely a wine experience, a truffle hunting, as well as a cooking class for all your guests, could be an interesting and very authentic activity to live the authentic Tuscan vibes.

Will you merry in an art city? Of course, in this case, nothing as better that a cultural activity, like a classical concert or an opera for your luxury wedding in Venice or, also a prive tour at the discovery of the Roman castles or the lake Bracciano, during your wedding in Rome… The choice is yours! 


Are you excited at the idea of your bespoke wedding in Italy and you would want a professional assistance in the organization of every detail? Contact me for any kind of request. I’ll be really glad to take part at the planning of your dream.


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