The choice of the wedding dress is the most exciting moment for a bride during the planning of own wedding day. If you are in doubt about how you should choose your wedding dress, discover my tips for you.


Which wedding dress can be more suitable for my body shape? Which wedding dress should I choose for my wedding at lake Como? Which fabrics should I choose for my wedding dress for a boho-chic wedding in Tuscany? Which accessories should I match at my wedding dress for my luxury wedding at Villa Balbianello? Ask the assistance at your wedding planner or at your bridal consultant to find the perfect solution for you.


My dear Brides,

Welcome September! This year, due to Covid pandemic that obliged to postpone all the weddings and events, we will not be able to have the possibility to discover the new collections at “Si SposaItalia Collezioni” and at the Milano Bridal Week.

During this big fashion event, all fashion designers and fashion companies will present at the international wedding industry the new trends and collections for the next season. But, in contrast to the previous editions, this year we are discovering the new collections using alternative channels. Anyway, wether the collections are presented during an International exhibitions or during an on-line fashion show the wait is always adrenalized.

Personally, my wait for the new collections is always very high and, every year, I can’t wait to discover the new fashion trends that I can propose you for your luxury wedding in Italy.

To celebrate the bridal fashion, I would want to share with you my personalized and professional suggestions to choose the right wedding dress for you.

In fact, during my studies and my working years in the world of fashion and the wedding dresses, I had the great opportunity to meet lots of brides and learn the secrets behind the creation of every dress. It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to improve my knowledge in this field… knowledge that I always love sharing with my lovely brides to appear perfect for their exclusive wedding in Italy.

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All of us don’t have the same body shape, we know, but it is different according to each body figures. The size of the breasts, the largeness of the shoulders and the hips, the relationship between breasts, waits, hips,… all of them influence the form of our body.

There are different human shapes and each one wants specific lines and fabrics that can emphasize your strong points and that can hide the weak ones.

So, it’s important to learn to recognize our body shape to find the perfect style for all our outfits, wedding dresses included, to appear in harmony with ourselves in every occasion.

Have you got the hips more jutting than the breasts? Choose a wedding dress that can emphasize the top of the dress, maybe with a corset or a boat neckline, and a wide soft skirt, maybe realize in silk organza, that can cover the hips. The perfect wedding dress could be the A-line dresses or the 50’s style ones.

Instead, have you an androgynous figure? Opt for a wedding dress that can create the forms of the body: wide volumes, asymmetries, ecc… choosing 20’s style wedding dresses or, also, Empire-style dresses, realized with a silk chiffon… You will be absolutely beautiful!


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More than the other dresses, the choice of the wedding dress and the entire bridal outfit is very personal and it is influenced by own personal style.

Are you a romantic girl? A princess-style dress, made with fairy fabrics and very feminine decors will be surely perfect for you.

At the opposite, are you an active bride? A comfortable wedding dress, like a maxi-dress or boho-chic wedding dress, without corsets and tones of fabrics, will be the right solution to feel comfortable during the entire day.

Because, it’s important that you find and choose a wedding dress in which you can feel good with yourself and it represent completely your personality.

If you aren’t used to put on high heels, why will you have to choose them for your wedding day, with the risk to appear ungraceful?
It’s better to put on a pair of different shoes that will be more in line with your lifestyle and your personality, isn’t it? 😉


boho-chic wedding planner in Tuscany


The choice of the wedding dress is also conditioned by the trend and the tone of the wedding.

If you decide to organize a luxury wedding at lake Como, like a glamours wedding at villa Balbiano or also an exclusive wedding at villa Balbianello, your choice should be oriented at an elegant wedding dress, like a princess style one, or, also, at something more seductive and glamours.

Will you marry with a natural-chic wedding in Tuscany? The choice will be for a country and bucolic-style wedding dress, like a slipped one, realized in organza or chiffon, or also a romantic A-line wedding dress enriched with an impalpable lace.


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The choice of the accessories it isn’t an expected choice, but every bride must pay attention at own body shape and at the shape of own face, to pair the right wedding accessories at own outfit and at own body.

For example, if you have a squared face, it’s recommend to choose round accessories that can soften the features. At the opposite, if you ave a round face, it’s better to use geometrical and long shapes that can align vertically the figure.

And about the colors? Of course, also the tone of the skin and the hair can influence the choice of the entire outfit, from the shade of color of the wedding dress, to the color of the jewels and the accessories, up to the shades of the flowers in the bridal bouquet.

Have you got reddish hair? I suggest you to opt for warm colors, like peach or apricot for both your wedding dress and your accessories, as well as you could choose warm-colors precious stones, like the topaz.

At the end, but not the last, pay attention at the etiquette in the choice of the accessories and at their using during the wedding. In fact, according to the tone and the style of the wedding day, the etiquette establishes specific “rules” to be perfect in every occasion.

Surely, your wedding planner in Italy, will give you the right tips and suggestions for your special occasion.


Princess Beatrice Wedding Dress - Fashion designer Norman Hartnell


Last, but not the least, the place in which you can buy your wedding dress. There are different solutions that you can take into consideration for the purchase of your wedding dress. 

From the haute-couture wedding dress ateliers, where you can ask to realize your wedding dress completely tailor-made from the sketch to the definitive dress, to the mono-brand bridal ateliers, where you can choose your wedding dress among all the gowns of their collections and modifying it only in some parts, up to the multi-brands bridal ateliers, where you can find different models of different brands…. The choice it’s completely personal.

And we don’t forget the alternative solutions that you can take into consideration for the purchase of your wedding dress: will you marry with a wedding civil ceremony and you don’t want a classical gown? You could choose an alternative short wedding dress, maybe buying it in a clothing store.

British Royal Weddings teach: are you in love of your mother or your grandmother’s wedding dress? Nothing forbids you to decide to use it for your celebration, maybe applied some changes if you want, like Princess Beatrice did it for her Royal Wedding with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, choosing to wear a dress of her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II… In this way, you will also wear “something borrowed”, as the tradition requests. 😉


Obviously, these are only few tips that can help you to choose your dream wedding dress, but if you would want to examine in depth the topic or, also, if you would want a professional assistance in the choice of your bridal outfit, you can ask at your wedding planner to propose you the assistance of a professional bridal consultant, who will help you to delineate your body shape and all the details of your bridal outfit for your big day.

Would you want more information for your wedding in Italy? You can contact me for more details or for any kind of request.


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