Live a truly culinary wedding experience in Italy at the discovery of the authentic flavors that each region can offer you, giving at your guests the real essence of the Made in Italy.


How is organized a wedding reception in Italy? Which kind of foods are served during the aperitif? How is organized a wedding siting dinner? How does an Italian Open Bar dinner work? The pleasure of the real Italian cuisine, throughout your unique wedding in Italy.


One of my passion since I was a teenager, it’s surely the cuisine and the culinary tradition. I’m a food addicted, I know; I love cooking for me and my family and I love discovering and tasting new recipes and new local food and wine products during all my Italian and worldwide journeys.

Especially, during my journey along Italy, I never quit at a visit in a wine cellar, at an oil mill, at a market or at local shop, as well as I never quit at a good meal either in a gourmet restaurant or in a local inn.

Obviously, Italy is food and wine, so a journey at the discovery or our beautiful country passes also throughout the discovery of our culinary tradition. It’s a sensory journey that can satisfy all the five senses and that can satisfy your body and your spirit.

And what is one of the best occasions in which you can discover the authentic Italian culinary tradition, perfectly mixed with Italian hospitality? A wedding in Italy, of course.

In fact, an authentic wedding in Italy is the unique opportunity to appreciate the real essence of Italy, sharing it with your guests, in an explosion of flavors and joy.

Personally, as food lover, It’s always a great emotion to have the possibility to share with my clients and spouses this passion and my knowledge, assisting them in the planning of every culinary event and experience in Italy, with care, passion and curiosity.

Because Italian food is love, emotion and memory.

I already shared with you my selection of the best five wedding destinations in Italy for a unique gourmet experience, but today I would want to talk you about a topic that most of the spouses ask me: how is organized a typical wedding menu in Italy?

Every banqueting, caterer or restaurant has a specific organisation that can be slightly different, but the main structure can be described in:

  • Aperitif
  • Sitting Dinner
  • Buffet of Desserts
  • Wedding cake
  • Open Bar

Let’s discover them together, in detail.

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It’s the begging of the wedding reception; an exquisite and sublime explosion of flavors: traditional rustic corners with a selection of different bread, local cold cuts and cheese, fried live show, raw fish, savory pies, both innovative and traditional finger foods, local products and extraordinary show-cooking experiences.

These are the cornerstone of the Italian aperitif, offering at your guests unique surprises, to live the real essence of the Made in Italy: I think at a Mozzarella show cooking with a local dairyman during a wedding on the Amalfi coast or in Apulia, an arancini corner during a wedding in Sicily, truffle and eggs show-cooking for a gourmet wedding in Langhe wine region, a bruschette corner or an oil tasting corner for a wedding in Tuscany…

Without forget the drinks: liters of Prosecco, alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks.

Would you want to give at your guests something special? What do you think of a wine tasting corner with a selection of local wines?


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It’s the heart of the wedding reception in Italy, a moment of lovely conviviality in which breathe the authentic Italian “Art de la Table”.

Personally, I love assisting my spouses at the delineation of their menu, always suggest them only the excellences of the Made in Italy, in respect of the season and the region of every destination wedding.

In fact, the wedding sitting dinner will allow you to taste the authentic Italian cuisine either if you will choose a gourmet, innovative dinner with a Michelin-star chef or a traditional one.

Instead, about the structure, all the sitting dinners are organized more or less in the same way: a cold or hot starter, followed by a first dish ( fresh pasta, rice or stuffed pasta,  according to the different preferences ) and a main course ( meat or fish ). Red wine and white wine are often included in the menu.


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It’s the sweetest moment of a wedding reception in Italy in which the guests can discover the sweet delicacies of our country.

The selection of the different desserts is served after the dinner and the cut of the cake, respecting the same style of the aperitif: one buffet, or more than one, where you can find what you desire most: tiramisu, different cream and fruits mousses, selections of different cakes and pies, Italian biscuits, fresh fruits and traditional Italian desserts of the region in which you are celebrating your wedding: cantucci and vin Santo for your wedding in Tuscany, sfogliatelle and lemon dream cakes for your Amalfi coast wedding, or, also, pasticciotti for your wedding in Apulia

According to the different services, you can also have delicious, typical corners, like chocolate fountains with fresh fruits, Sicilian cannoli prepared in front of your guests, or an authentic ice cream truck… A real Italian-style suggestion!

Elegant, rustic or contemporary… whatever is the style of your buffet of desserts, it will be surely a big surprise for all the kids and adults,


Luxury wedding Lake Como. Wedding planner Lake Como.


One of the most important moment in a wedding, it’s surely the moment of the cut of the cake.

Always organized in a wonderful corner of your venue, and designed with attention, to create a scenographic moment, the cut of the cake is full of great joy and happiness.

And about the cake? The choices are different, but the caterers and restaurants often include in the menu a traditional Italian cake, such as a fruit tart or a millefoglie with cream and berries, but you can also opt for more breathtaking solutions, like a three/four layers cake, decorated in the same style of your wedding: drip cakes, naked cakes, marble cakes, ecc,… always respecting the flavours of Italy…

The choice is yours!


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In Italy, the open bar works differently than in the other countries. It isn’t present for the entire event, but it’s always opened after the cut of the cake, to enrich the service of the desserts and the wedding cake.

The solutions for the service are different, but an open bar usually includes Prosecco, wines and beers, cocktails, soft drinks, and Italian / international spirits.

Also in this case, the service can be structured according to each preference, and it could be also enrich with some corners, like chocolate and cigars corners or a midnight snack corner, with typical Italian street foods, like pizza and focaccia or “garlic, oli and pepper spaghetti”…. The show must go on!


This is the common structure of a typical wedding reception in Italy, that can be modified every time, according to your personal desires and style, of course, but that can give you an idea about the richness and the love of the food and the conviviality of Italians.

A conviviality that you can live not only during your wedding, but also throughout different rehearsal dinners and brunches activities.

Are you hungry and can’t you wait to discover the authentic Italian culinary tradition that every region can offer you for your unique wedding in Italy?
Don’t hesitate to contact me for more details… I will be very proud to give you my professional assistance for your authentic Italian Wedding Experience.


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