A Halloween wedding can be a great occasion to organize your destination wedding in Italy, living the magic and mysterious atmospheres of our beautiful castles and villas. Discover my Halloween wedding ideas to plan your unconventional wedding in Italy.


Are you interested in a Halloween wedding in Italy? Would you want to discover the best locations for a Halloween wedding in Italy? Would you want to design a wonderful Halloween wedding, avoiding all the grotesque decors? Let me guide you throughout my tips for the planning of your extraordinary Halloween wedding in Italy, with style and elegance.


Happy Halloween!

We are in the heart of autumn, a season that I love especially for weddings, as you can read in my previous article: the best fall wedding destinations in Italy 

But, October is also the month of Halloween. Since I was a teenager, this festivity always fascinated me for its history, its tradition and its unconventional and mystic vibes.

Although this pagan festivity isn’t so important in Italy as in the American and Anglo-Saxon countries, if you want to organize your Halloween-Inspired wedding in Italy, my country can offer you extraordinary destinations and wedding locations where celebrate your scary event.

At the same time, even if a Halloween wedding might seem a little bit out of the traditional wedding schemes, it doesn’t mean that you can not design it with style and elegance, taking inspiration from these tips and ideas:

Halloween wedding in Italy


Surely, a wedding in Tuscany is the first destination if you want to plan a country-style Halloween wedding in Italy. In fact, the region offers a wide selection of venues where organize an event during the autumn season, and that can be the magical setting for a Halloween-Inspired event. Otherwise, if you are searching an unconventional location far away from the classical wedding destinations, why don’t take into consideration a wedding in Umbria or a wedding in Piedmont? The charm will be the same of Tuscany, but with the pleasure of the discovery and the celebration of your wedding in an unspoiled corner of Italy.

And regarding the venue? 

You will have a lot of choice: from the ancient medieval castles, to the elegant noble villas, up to the farmhouses and wine Resorts, every abode will allow you to design the mood that you love.

At the opposite, a Halloween wedding in an Italian city, organized in a contemporary loft or in an industrial venue, as well as in an ancient noble palace ( for example a luxury wedding in Venice with Masquerade party ) could be the right choice if you love either a gothic modern-style wedding or a more elegant one.


Halloween theme wedding in Italy


Celebrating a Halloween wedding in Italy doesn’t mean that you are obliged to choose only a total black colour scheme for your event.

The season offers a great variety of colours, that take inspiration from the nature: from the orange of the pumpkins, to the shades of red, burgundy and brown of the leaves, up to the dark green of the evergreens… The combinations are numerous.

At the same time, the choice of the perfect colour scheme will be determined by the venue that you will choose and the style-influences of your Halloween wedding: from the gothic novels and the cinema, to the past centuries and the international traditions, up to the modern-youth culture or the countryside vibes… The theme of Halloween can be elaborated in several ways.

What do you think of an elegant Victorian-style wedding in a luxury palace in Venice opting for a refined colour scheme in which the black is matched with burgundy, pale pink, white and gold?

Or also, if you will get married in Tuscany or in the Umbria countryside, maybe in a farmhouse or in a wine estate, why don’t take inspiration by the colours of the land, like the shades of orange, brown, red and dark green?

Do you love the bright colours? Surely, a Dia de Los Muertos wedding theme is perfect for you!


Halloween wedding ideas


Halloween festivity will allow you to give voice to all your creativity… With style and elegance, of course! 

Starting by saying that all the typical grotesque decors ( skulls, spider webs, ecc… ) are absolutely inappropriate for a wedding, you can create an extraordinary Halloween table setting using the appropriate forniture, fabrics, dishes and cutlery. 

From a long table decorated with elegant crystal glasses and dark china plates, setting up on a precious satin tablecloth, to a country-style set-up with wooden tables and terracotta plates and glasses, your wedding designer in Italy will surely propose you the most choreographic and stylish table setting for your event. 

And about the reception? Autumn season give us delicious products that can be satisfy all the tastes, above in Italy. For your Halloween wedding in Italy, you can work with your wedding planner in Italy and your banqueting service to create a personalized menu, taking inspiration from the tradition and the seasonal products: pumpkin ( both in savory recipes and sweet ones ), mushrooms, truffles, wild game, grapes, apples, ecc… without forget the sublime red wine… A profusion of flavors and aromas for a delicious Italian wedding reception.

Also, if you would want to bring into your wedding the modern tradition of the “Trick or Treat”, why don’t create a delicious “Trick or Treat Corner” full of sweets and traditional Halloween / Autumn desserts, like caramelized apples, pumpkin, apple or walnuts pies, All Souls’day Italian biscuits, ecc…?  All your guests will be not disappointed.


Halloween wedding ideas


As I disclosed in my above paragraph, surely all the grotesque decors are banish from a stylish Halloween Wedding, preferring more refined ones, always in respect of the style of the wedding and the vibes of the venue.

In fact, as I always tell at my spouses, the decor must emphasize the authentic beauty of the wedding venue, not cover it. 

Halloween and the autumn season allow to play with the materials, the objects and the flowers, to create lush and choreographic decors, always different according to the mood of the event: precious fabrics, materials and objects, like velvet, satin, laces, crystals and golden candelabras for extravagant Halloween weddings in Italy, or also cotton, jute, straw, stone, terracotta and wood for a more country-style Halloween wedding,… the options are severals.

Also the nature can give you a great variety of flowers, greenery, fruite and vegetables to create scenographic flower arrangements, in line with the style of your Halloween wedding: black, burgundy, pink and white flowers matching with greenery for a more elegant style; a gorgeous flower arrangement made only with shades of greenery and candles for a bucolic and organic-style or also a rich table decor, full of pumpkins, leaves and branches, grapes, pomegranates, chestnuts, ecc… that remind at the rural tradition.

The mood and the venue will surely inspired you!


Halloween wedding in Italy


And now, we talk about the right outfit for the bride.

Organize a Halloween wedding doesn’t mean that you are obliged to choose only a total-black wedding dress, but you can opt for alternative solutions, that will make your style absolutely amazing.

If you don’t want to quit at the white wedding dress, you could play with the fabrics, the shapes and the dark / metal details to give it a more “gothic-stye” mark: laces, satin and velvet can be perfect for the season and the theme of the wedding, as well as black details like belts, gloves ecc… can give at your wedding dress more character and personality, without quitting at the style and at the elegance.

Otherwise, if you are a rock’n’roll bride and you want to hazard with an alternative wedding dress, you could opt for a particular shape or for a colorful dress from the more soft colours, like beige and hazelnut, to the bright ones, like a burgundy wedding dress, up to the classical dark Halloween wedding dresses.

Personally, I’m completely in love of the Dita Von Teese’s wedding dress, that she wore for her wedding with Marylin Manson… A great example of bridal haute-couture, between elegance and extravagance.


Are you interested in the planning of a Halloween wedding in Italy? Contact me and we will make your unconventional wedding comes true, together.


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