Enjoy the stunning atmosphere of the Italian Carnival and live this vibe during your wedding in Italy… An unconventional wedding experience, but also so exclusive and exciting.


When was the Carnival born? What are the details that characterized this festivity? How can you recreate the authentic vibe of the exclusive Carnival of Venice during your wedding in Italy? Discover my suggestions to transform your event in an unconventional, but also exclusive Carnival-style wedding in Italy.


It’s February and in every Italian region it’s time to celebrate the Carnival: a colorful festivity for both adults and kids, in which everyone can become who wants, just for one day.

Carnival was born during the Roman Empire to celebrate the festivity of Saturnali, in which the people of every social class wore masks to celebrate the God Saturn. This ancient, pagan Roman tradition didn’t disappear during the centuries, but it was introduced by the Church in its calendar, represented the entertainment period that precedes the Lent and Easter. It is during the Medieval and the Renaissance that the Carnival has its maximum expression: this festivity stoped to be only a working-class festivity, and it is introduced into the Italian and European courts, becoming a sophisticated and refined festivity, thanks also at the introduction of the theatrical shows, the music and the dance.



Carnival can be a fascinating trend for your wedding, especially if you like the idea of an elegant, but also unconventional and luxury wedding in Italy: masquerades, precious fabrics, feathers, delicious desserts,… the theme can be re-elaborated in different ways, always maintaining its sophisticated allure that you can breath and discover during the Venice Carnival.

Here you are, four tips for an exclusive carnival-style wedding in Italy:


Luxury wedding venues in Venice


Absolutely the most important element in a wedding, your abode will describe yourself and the entire style of your wedding day. If you like the idea to organize your luxury wedding in Italy, like a Masquerade party, the choice of your perfect Italian wedding destination will be surely Venice, with its historical Carnival. Walking along its streets, you can breathe the sophisticated, but also mysterious atmosphere of this city, at the discovery of its precious art, architecture and culture.

The high-end hotels and the refined noble palaces along the canals, enrich of elegant furniture, precocious details and full of charm, host every year exclusive Carnival parties and they can become luxury wedding locations in Venice where live again the splendor of the Dogi’s era, as well as the ancient atmospheres of its world-famous Carnival. They are absolutely the perfect setting for a luxury wedding in Venice, where recreating the authentic vibes of the historical Venetian Carnival.


Luxury wedding in Venice


It can not be a perfect Carnival-style wedding without a stunning “Masquerade party”.

Enjoy your Masquerade wedding party in Italy taking inspiration by the masks of the Commedia dell’Arte, an ancient theatrical show that was born in Italy, during the 1600.

The traditional Italian masks was born during these performances, joined in the Italian culture: take inspiration by the Harlequin, Colombina and Pulcinella’s masks, as well as by the street artists ( fire eaters, acrobats and dancers, ecc… ) to re-elaborate the theme, creating an authentic and luxury Italian-style Masquerade Party, full of the charm and the elegance of the ancient past. 


Carnival tips for a luxury masquerade party


The Carnival period offers a wide selection of delicious desserts, that are completely different, according to the Italian regions: chiacchiere, frappe, bugie, frittelle,…  An authentic journey throughout the Italian culinary tradition, re-elaborates with style and inventiveness, that you could allow to discover at your guests setting-up an unconventional sweet table, full of these authentic Italian sweets, … Your guests will not surely disappointed!


Wedding cake for a luxury wedding in Venice


The Carnival is always full of color and extravagance, but also luxury and sophisticated elegance, especially if you take inspiration by the Carnival of Venice.
For a Carnival-style wedding in Italy it’s important to pay attention at the details, to recreate the authentic vibe of joy and the party atmosphere of this festivity, always with style and class… Of course!
Baroque furniture in the shades of gold and enrich with precious brocades and satins, extraordinary flower arrangement made with bright and colorful flowers and feathers, a lot of candles… The warm atmosphere of a Venetian Carnival party will absolutely thrill your guests.
At the same time, it is not an authentic Carnival party without the masks. A precious handmade mask realized and personalized by a great Venetian artisan, it will be a magnificent and precious Italian wedding favor that you can give at your guests; they will surely appreciate this authentic Italian-style gift.


And you? What do you think about this theme? If you like the idea of an unconventional wedding in Italy, like a carnival-style wedding, contact me for more details.

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