A luxury wedding in Italy is not only associated at a lush flower arrangement or at a magnificent wedding venue, but also at the exclusive wine and food experiences that your guests can live during their stay.


Which regions are more attractive for a gourmet wedding in Italy? Where can you organize your wedding in Italy, satisfying your passion for the Italian cuisine? What are the regional culinary excellences that you must absolutely offer at your guests, during your destination wedding in Italy?
A delicious journey throughout five destinations, for a luxury wedding in Italy, enjoying an authentic gourmet experience.


Italy is a renowned wedding destination for the spouses from all over the World, thanks to its history, its art and its culture, as well as for its breathtaking natural beauties, but not only… 

One of the reasons that encourages the spouses to organize their wedding in Italy is our sublime culinary tradition. A sensory journey throughout the excellences of our land, for all the spouses who are searching a luxury wedding in Italy, enjoying an unforgettable gourmet experience.

For all the wine and food lovers, here a selection of exclusive destinations, perfect for a gourmet wedding in Italy.


Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy - wedding in langhe


There is a region in the North of Italy, where you can have an extraordinary wedding in Italy, enjoying of high-class services and a refined culinary tradition. This region is the Piedmont and, in particular, the wine region of Langhe, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A destination of charm in which you can taste a renowned cuisine and a sublime wine tradition, walking along the streets of the small villages, nestled in the hills full of vineyards.

White truffles and mushrooms, fresh pasta like the tajarin and the ravioli, hazelnuts, the world famous vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco… A wedding in Langhe , for example in a luxury wine resort, is perfect for all the wine and food lovers who want to offer at own guests not only an event, but a real Italian experience, enriched with the typical activities of the region: a wine tasting in a Barolo wine cellar, a tour among the vineyard driving a vintage car, a truffle hunting,… Your guests will not be disappointed.


Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy - wedding in Emilia Romagna


If you think at Emilia Romagna, the first thought surely reminds at its culinary tradition, that it’s famous all over the World. 

Emilia Romagna is a region where the love for the food and the conviviality is strong and you can breath it in every place, from the small villages to the historical cities, like Parma, Modena, or also the beautiful Bologna, up to the many museums dedicated at its food and wine traditions and the exclusive food activities, like cooking classes in which learn the art of the fresh pasta.

Not for all, Emilia Romagna offers a high concentration of DOC products that it’s difficult to find in other areas: Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma ( Ham of Parma ), Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena e di Reggio Emilia ( Balsamic vinegar of Modena ), culatello, fresh tortellini and ravioli, the famous lasagne alla Bolognese… are only some products that you can taste during a wedding in Emilia Romagna, organized in one of the countryside villas of Rimini, or also in the area of the castles of Parma and Piacenza… The wedding locations in Emilia Romagna are different and they can satisfy every desire and every preference.


Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy - wedding in Tuscany


Of course, If you think at the Italian wine and food, you think at Tuscany.

In fact, this region offers a great culinary tradition that originated by the ancient rural traditions. Local, rustic products and strong dishes that satisfy the most demanding palates: the famous Fiorentina steak, fresh pasta, wild game, a wide selection of cheese and cold cuts, truffles and mushrooms, oil, red wine form Chianti wine region or from the Maremma Natural Park, that you can discover during a wine and oil tasting in one of the renowned wine cellars of the area, a truffle hunting or also during a Tuscan-style BBQ Party… Organize a wedding in Tuscany will mean to offer at your guests an explosion of flavors and the real Italian hospitality during their entire stay in Italy.


Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy - wedding in Puglia


You are in the South of Italy, in a region that perfectly combine the rural traditions of the countryside with the sailors’ spirit of the fishermen villages, creating charming vibes that will be surely moved you.

A luxury wedding in Puglia will bring you at the discovery of the authentic wine and food traditions of the South of Italy; a tradition made of fresh fruit and vegetable, sublime fish dishes, the world-famous mozzarella, oil, wine, taralli, orecchiette fresh pasta, that you can also learn to prepare during a private cooking class with your guests in a traditional Masseria… An authentic Apulian food experience for your destination wedding in Italy.


Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy - luxury wedding in Sicily


Personally, I think that Sicily is one of the most beautiful Italian regions where you can find a perfectly combination among a thousand-years-old history and culture, a lush Mediterranean nature, a great hospitality and one of the most delicious cuisine of Italy.

From the Etna volcano, to the famous cities and villages, like Taormina, Noto or Palermo, up to the exotic Aeolian Islands, Sicily will offer you a sublime culinary journey among fresh vegetable, fruits and citrus, almonds and pistachios, arancini, cannoli, cassatapasta di mandorla biscuits, the different flavors of the typical granita ( it likes a sorbet ) with brioche for breakfast, oil, Malvasia, Marsala and Nero d’Avola wine,… that you can discover both during your wedding in Sicily or, also, taking part at a personalized activity, like a wine tasting in a Malvasia wine cellar… Do you like the idea?


Have you got the mouth-watering only at the idea to taste our delicious food and wine products? There isn’t a most delicious occasion to enjoy your tastes that a destination wedding in Italy, such as a wedding-weekend in one of these beautiful regions in which you can offer at your guests the real essence of the Italian culinary tradition, thanks to personalized gourmet activities and experiences.

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I’m always happy to help my spouses to discover the real essence of our land, during their luxury wedding in Italy.


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