Getting married in Tuscany is one of the most timeless experience that you can live with your guests in Italy.
Why a wedding in Tuscany is so iconic and timeless? Discover the reasons behind an exclusive wedding in Tuscany.


Why a wedding in Tuscany is a very requested destination to get married in Italy? Where you could get married in Tuscany? What are the most exclusive wedding venues in Tuscany? Let’s start this virtual tour among the most enchanting wedding destinations in Tuscany living a truly Italian sensory experience.


Tuscany is one of the most world-famous Italian regions and destination for weddings and holidays in Italy; a dream Italian destination that conquers all the souls and hearts thanks to the various heritage, experiences and activities that can satisfy every kind of person who is searching something special during our trip or wedding in Italy.

What are the five reasons that make a wedding in Tuscany a one-of-a-kind Italian wedding experience?


Choosing to get married in Tuscany means to have the opportunity to decide your perfect wedding venue among a wide variety of different abodes, that can satisfy every kind of request and style.

Elopements, micro-weddings or lavish weddings in Tuscany… whatever is your event, you don’t have any limit at the choice.

You can opt for exclusive, but also intimate, private countryside villas or also wine Relais, such as Conti di San Bonifacio Wine Resort or Relais Mastrojanni, to plan your micro wedding or elopement in Tuscany, combining both the high quality of the service and the privacy that this venues can give you.

At the same time, if you are planning a luxury wedding in Tuscany, the region can offer you one of the most variegated list of exclusive wedding venues in Tuscany, for every number of guests and kind of events: from luxury castles such as as a luxury wedding at Castello di Velona or a high-end wedding at Castello di Vicarello to live a royal and historical wedding in Tuscany, to a refined, typical Borgo as an iconic wedding at Il Borro, at Rosewood Castiglione del Bosco or also an elegant wedding at Borgo Stomennano for an authentic, exclusive experience inside a typical Tuscan countryside village, up to romantic and timeless wedding villas in Tuscany that will allow you to live your love story like a fairytale, among the luxury charm of the past… a luxury wedding at Vignamaggio, a lavish celebration at Villa Cetinale  or also at Villa la Foce and Villa le Fontanelle  on the hills of Florence… the list is long and include different styles and historical periods.  

Also, the particular positions of the venues can guarantee special hours for wedding parties during the … it isn’t a good news? Is it?



Tuscany is synonymous of food and wine and the planning of a wedding in Tuscany also means to offer at own guests an extraordinary and sublime culinary experience.

From Michelin star restaurants to the typical inns, the region provides a great variety of local food products and prestigious wine labels ( from the famous Chianti, to the local wines of the Val d’Orcia for example )  that can satisfy every mouth.

A region full of important food and wine excellences that accompany the guest in a sensory journey among the five senses: the colors, the flavors, the aromas… everything is perfectly matched to create unique plates.

A cuisine that was born in the countryside and inside the noble courts and that continue to maintain its importance up to nowadays, offering a perfect union between the tradition and the innovation. 



Tuscany, and especially Florence, is the cradle of the Renaissance and it is a region that gave birth to different artists, writers and poets. A region with a rich artistic, cultural and historical heritage that accompany the guests through an extraordinary journey among the centuries.

A private tour at the Uffizi Museum at Florence to discover the Italian artistic heritage, a cost at the beautiful Pienza UNESCO world heritage site and at all the Medieval villages of Val d’Orcia, a daily trip at Siena or also at San Gimignano and Volterra… A wedding in Tuscany is the perfect occasion for you and the guests to discover the world famous historical and cultural beauty of Italy during own wedding experience.



Tuscany is a region that can host different environments in a perfect and aesthetic cohesion: you can discover the rude and unspoiled nature of the Appennini mountains and all their woods, as well as you can enjoy of the benefits of the seaside breeze during your a wedding in Versilia or also at Orbetello, two refined and glamour destinations for glamour seaside weddings in Tuscany.

At the opposite, if you are searching a panorama that it is an iconic image of Tuscany, you can’t give up at the planning of a wedding in Val d’Orcia, UNESCO WORLD heritage site, surrounded by rolling hills and the famous cypresses… the variety of venues is very high and you can live an experience that it is natural and artistic at the same time.

And what about a wedding in Chianti? Surely one the most famous areas in Tuscany, thanks to its renowned vineyards; nowadays it’s a requested wedding location in Tuscany in which plan weddings surrounded by a lush green nature, forests and vineyards.



Tuscan people are always convivial and fanny that it is always a pleasure to stay in their company. Choosing to get married in Tuscany will be the perfect occasion to live the authentic Tuscan lifestyle made of laughs, human warmth, hospitality and friendliness that It has no equal in other places.

A destination wedding in Tuscany is all these points and more: a researched wedding destination in Italy that can give the opportunity to the authentic Italian lifestyle and Dolce Vita vibes, as an authentic Italian.


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