A collection of the most frequently asked questions and answers about my wedding planner service and the design and planning of an event and wedding in Italy.

At the beginning of the planning of own event or wedding in Italy, most of the clients and spouses can have different questions and doubt in own mind, that can cause indecision and uncertainty in own choices.

These feelings can be caused, due to the myriad of uncertain information that you can find on Internet or that you can received by other people.

With my more than 10 years of experience in the wedding and event field, I would want to reassure you that the process behind the detailed planning of an event or wedding in Italy, always requests carefully attention, to mange in the right and professional way all the services and the entire event.

In this page, I collected a list of the most common questions that I received by the spouses and clients during the years, to give you a first global idea about the services that a professional event and wedding planner in Italy can provide you; in case you have any other specific question, don’t hesitate to contact me and my staff to receive all the information for the planning of your timeless, luxury event and wedding in Italy.

How do you usually work in the planning of an event or wedding in Italy?

I accompany all my clients and spouses in every step of the design and organization of their event and wedding in Italy, from the beginning of the organization up to the on site direction of the event, working on all the necessary creative, logistics and concierge services in a destination wedding and event abroad, to create your personalized global vision of your event. 

I will also provide you all the necessary instruments to simplify the entire process of the organization, as well as I will be present during the venue scouting in Italy, as well as during your menu tasting, supporting you with my experience.

How many weddings and events do you confirm per year?

For my personal choice, I confirm only a limited number of weddings per year, to guarantee at the spouses the right attention at their needs and to have the possibility to create a deep relationship and synergy with them.

do you offer all inclusive packages?

No, all my events and weddings in Italy are completely tailor made and personalized in the planning and design.

Every couple is unique and they have their personalized needs, priorities and preferences, so we build together your bespoke elopement, event or wedding in Italy, working on each service separately.

can I use my suppliers?

Surely, of course! If you like a specific supplier, we can work with your favorite choice, also always in respect of your venue rules ( some venues have a specific list of suppliers that can work there in exclusive use, so we will have to respect their agreements ).

At the same time, for some specific suppliers that have a big role in the organization of the event, such as flowers designers and light and music agencies, I’d prefer to apply a technical analyze of their services, prior to the confirmation of their services.

Anyway, I always ask at the clients to inform me in advance if they want to use some of their suppliers, to guarantee a right management of the event.

If I already confirmed the venue, can you plan my event and wedding in Italy, anyway?

Yes sure! If you already confirmed the venue for your event or wedding in Italy, I can work with it anyway, planning my personal,  technical on site inspection of your selected venue, that it will be very useful and important as beginning of the planning of your event and the entire logistics.

do you offer a partial wedding planning service or a day-coordination service?

No. My personal and professional approach is to offer only a complete and authentic wedding experience, working personally on your entire wedding project and all the creative, logistics and concierge services  that the spouses needs. For this reason, I don’t offer any partial service or only one day coordination service.

can you send me the names of the venues / suppliers before the confirmation of your service?

In respect of all the clients and spouses who decided to completely entrust at my experience for the planning of their event and wedding in Italy, as well as in respect of our inner policy, all the names / contacts of the venues and services are always provided only after the confirmation of the event and wedding planning service.

what is the approximate budget to plan an event or wedding in Italy?

There isn’t a fix budget for the planning of an event or a wedding in Italy, but it depends on different factors, such as the choice of the destination, the logistics of the event, the number of guests and the design of the event.

In general, you can take into consideration:

  • ELOPEMENTS: A starting budget of about 10,000 / 15,000 euro for about 2/6 guests.
  • MICRO WEDDINGS: A starting budget of about 40,000 / 45,000 euro, to grow up according to the destination.
  • WEDDINGS AND EVENTS: A starting budget of about 2000 / 3000 euro per person.


Together with her experienced team of professionals, Elisa Prati wedding planner in Italy assists you, plan the most outstanding weddings in Italy, special events and big gatherings, select only the most exclusive wedding locations and services, the most sublime Italian food and wine, and the authentic experiences.

Elisa Prati wedding in Italy organize exclusive weddings in Italy  and unique events in the most famous and valued Italian wedding locations: Venice, Rome and Florence, as well as luxury Lake Como weddings, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Capri and many other unique Italian wedding destinations.

Elisa Prati wedding planner Italy will take care of you and your guests from the moment you arrive until you leave, with luxury services and bespoke experiences.

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I love organizing high-end weddings in Italy and sharing with you my passion for Italian beauty and hospitality. Let me take care of your perfect wedding in Italy. Let's talk together about the most beautiful Italian wedding venues, the most exclusive concierge, event and wedding services, the custom-designed experiences and details, and everything you need to make your wedding dream come true, always exceeding your expectations.

Let me guide you through the most beautiful wedding locations in Italy: Venice, Capri, Rome, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Sicily; I can suggest you the perfect place to fulfill your wedding dreams.

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