Discover the work behind the planning of a destination wedding in Italy, and how a destination wedding planner can simplify the organization of your wedding in Italy.


Who is a destination wedding planner? Why is a destination wedding planner is different from a classic wedding planner? How can I assist you in the planning of your wedding in Italy? Here you are the main reasons to ask the assistance of a professional destination wedding planner in Italy, to plan in the best way your exclusive Wedding in Italy and your special events, full of intimate and deep emotions. 


Hi everybody and Welcome on my wedding blog!

I thought a lot about the topic of this my first post, and, at the end, I decided to start this new adventure, that will bring you at the discovery of the Italian culture and lifestyle, as well as, at the discovery of the organization of your luxury wedding in Italy, talking about myself and my work as destination wedding planner.

So, here we are… I’m Elisa Prati and I’m a destination wedding planner in Italy. Well, you will say… And who is a destination wedding planner?

The technical and rather impersonal description could be: I’m a wedding planner who assist both the foreign couples of spouses and the Italian ones who live abroad, in the planning of their wedding in Italy, in the most exclusive Italian wedding locations, such as the lake Como, Tuscany, the most famous Italian art cities, the Amalfi coast, and so on…

Described in this way, it could be a simple and easy job, but, for me, there is much more personal significance behind this description.


Elisa Prati Wedding in Tuscany


Since I opened my activity in 2014, I decided to work for the world of the destination wedding in Italy, thanks to my love for my land and my personal desire to assist all my foreign spouses to discover both our cultural-artistic and natural beauties, and our world-famous culinary tradition, as well as to my curiosity towards new cultures and traditions from all over the world, planning events that aren’t only simple weddings, but unforgettable “wedding experiences”, also organized during 2/3 days and that include tailor-made activities, to allow at the spouses and all their guests to live our authentic Italian lifestyle and conviviality.

Not for nothing, my personal mantra is #liveyouremotions

Live completely the emotion, the joy and the dream of a bespoke and exclusive wedding in Italy, perfectly planned to represent totally the spouses, their behaviours, their passions, their curiosity and, first of all, their most intimate desires.


Luxury wedding planner at lake Como


The work of a professional destination wedding planner is not only the assistance in the organization of a wedding abroad, but, first of all, it’s the great task to satisfy and amaze both the spouses and the guests, bringing them at the discovery the authenticity of the region and the location chose for the wedding day, always in respect of their culture, making their wedding experience and their stay absolutely pleasant and relaxing…

If the guests are happy, the spouses are happy, too!

In fact, a destination wedding is not only a simple wedding, but it is also discovery and curiosity, it’s culture, it’s sharing, it’s passion… it’s the mirror that reflexes the soul of the spouses who choose to get married abroad, in a place that often has a personal and deep meaning for them.

At the same time, a destination wedding, it’s also a return at the origins for all the Italian couple of spouses who live abroad and who decide to choose a destination wedding in Italy to discover again their past and they personal history.

The destination wedding planner is surely a difficult and complicated job, that requests great perception, experience and professionally, as well as a deep knowledge of own country and the different cultures from all over the world; but it’s also a very exiting job, full of satisfaction.


Elisa Prati Wedding planner at lake Como


The most big difficulty that the spouses can find in the planning of own destination wedding in Italy is the doubt and the uncertainty in the choice of both the wedding venue and the suppliers only by photos and web-sites, often without an on-site meeting. In addition to this, there is also the problem with the language and the communication with the suppliers, as well as, the bureaucracy for the ceremony and the logistics of the territory and the event.

In fact, the logistics is a very important and complicated point in the planning of a wedding abroad, especially if the guests arrive from different countries. Thanks to the assistance of a professional destination wedding planner the management of the logistics, as well as all the concierge services ( hotels, transfers, activities, ecc… ) will be surely simpler and faster.

A destination wedding planner will guarantee you to resolve this part, as well as other more or less complicated problems, organizing perfectly your wedding abroad without stress. A destination wedding planner will plan every detail fo your event, from the most emotional and creative details to the logistics ones, solving all the problems that could be arise during the organization, as well as alleviating all your doubts and uncertainties, to create your perfect tailor-made wedding, as you always dreamed,… Also if you live miles away.

Thanks to a destination wedding planner, the organization of your luxury wedding in Italy will surely be a peaceful journey, unique and unforgettable.

Would you want to discover more information regarding myself and my services for your wedding in Italy? Contact me and we will make your wedding in Italy comes true, together

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