The choice of the wedding planner for your wedding day is surely a step of the organization that requests great attention and care, to select the expert who are perfect for your and for the wedding experience that you would want to organize, especially in case of a destination wedding abroad.


How can I choose the perfect destination wedding planner for my wedding day? Which characteristics should my wedding planner done? Which elements should I take into consideration in the choice of my perfect wedding planner, especially in case of a destination wedding abroad, like a wedding in Italy?
Analyze together the more technical and intimate items that you should take into consideration to do the first important choice in your wedding organization: the right wedding planner for you!


We are at the end of the current wedding season, and lots of new couple of spouses are starting to plan own next wedding in Italy. During this first stage of the organization the information that the spouses must collect to define the bases of their wedding are different: guests’ list, the perfect destination, budget, style of the event… and this part can create anxiety in most of the couples, especially if they are planning a destination wedding abroad, in which the technical information for a correct organization can be more numerous than the classica ones above: the calendar of the festivity / holidays in own favorite destination, the flights, the weather during each season…

In fact, deciding to plan a destination wedding abroad is a choice that, at the beginning, requests great attention at all the logistics details ( more than the creative ones ), to give at the guests the best experience, without stress and complexity.

To help you in this part, as well as in the entire organization of your wedding day, surely entrust you at a destination wedding planner is the right choice, to plan everything in the better way, certain to discover the real essence of the destination of your dreams.

But, how can you choose the right destination wedding planner for you?

Of course, Internet is full of questions that you can ask at your potential wedding planner, to define if she/he is the right one for you, so I don’t want to bore you beyond with the same topics, but I would want to talk you about the deeper and intimate part of this decision making, that can be the difference in the choice of your professional wedding planner: the quality of the service and the synergy.


Elisa Prati Wedding italy


The choice of a local destination wedding planner it’s really important to allow you to discover in deep the region / destination that you chose for your event.

Think at your wedding in Italy, for example: a professional destination wedding planner in Italy will provide you not only the service for your wedding day ( flowers, music, food, ecc… ), but also all the detailed, technical and useful information for all the collateral, logistics and concierge services that you will need for the planning of your wedding and your stay: from the best destination according to your budget / style / number of guests, the weather conditions during the year, the logistics of the transfers, the places that you can visit during your stay, and so on… 

In fact, each Italian region can offer unique and special situations, lifestyles and vibes, so every  wedding in Italy will be always completely different.

All these information will guarantee you to plan the best wedding experience in Italy, offering at your guests something that it isn’t only a ceremony and a dinner, but an authentic Italian lifestyle experience.

During your first call with your potential wedding planner, I suggest to take into consideration not only the technical services offered by the professional, that are important to delineate her/his quality, experience, organization and competence, of course, but also the deep knowledge of the territory and the characteristic of each destination.


Luxury Lake Como wedding planner.


Obviously, the competence of your potential next wedding planner and her/his technical knowledge of the territory and the destination that you chose are important part in the delineation fo the service and the right expert for your wedding, but there is also a more intimate item that you will have to take into consideration: the synergy and empathy with the wedding planner.

In fact, more than with the other suppliers, the wedding planner will be the professional with whom you will spend most of the time of the organization and the planning of the event, working side by side at all the details of the wedding. 

For this reason, don’t take into consideration only the technical information provided you, at the beginning of the selection, like the price, the services included, the experience and the organization of the work, but analyze in deep what your potential wedding planner can offer you in terms of your personal wedding planning experience and pay great attention at the intimate part of the first meeting, composed of the feelings that you are creating with the expert in front of you and your complicity.


It’s really important that you remember that you wedding day should be stress-free, giving you and at your guests unforgettable memories and unique experiences, so take your time to choose your favorite wedding planner, asking her/him all the questions / doubts that you can have about the service and the work that you will do together and concentrate your attention about you are feeling with her / him during this first part of the wedding process. 

If you feel comfortable and serene with the wedding planner that you contacted, surely it’s the right one for you! 

Are you at the beginning of the planning of your wedding in Italy and are you searching some information about you can proceed with the organization? Visit my web site and my blog for some tips and don’t hesitate to contact me for any question. 


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