December is the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas is coming, the lights and the sparkling decorations embellish the cities and our homes. And about the weddings and events? If you are a winter lover and you’d like to get married in Italy during the Christmas time, these wedding tips for your Christmas-inspired winter wedding in Italy are for you!


What are the best destinations for a Christmas-inspired wedding in Italy? How can I decor my Christmas wedding? What are the best colour schemes for a Christmas-inspired wedding? What are the unique ideas to enrich my reception in line with the season? A short wedding guide with some tips and suggestions to plan your Christmas-inspired wedding in Italy.


This is the most wonderful time of the year in which all our houses and our cities light up of colourful lights, holly, mistletoe and sparkling decorations. It’s also the period of delicious sweets, hot cocoa and mulled wine. It’s a period full of great joy, harmony and love, in which people spend time together, celebrating the festivity. 

Christmas is also a season that can offer you a lot of trends and ideas not only to decor your houses, but also to plan your winter weddings and events, taking inspiration from the nature, the fabrics, the materials, the colours and the vibes that pervades our cities: from the traditional red and green, to the sophisticated and modern-feel blue and silver, up to the elegant white and gold, the option are numerous and can satisfy every spouses’ preference.

In one of my previous blog post, I already gave you some ideas for a rustic winter wedding in Italy, but today, I’d want to immerse ourselves in this collection of ideas to plan your Christmas-inspired wedding; a selection of creative tips to take inspiration for all the Christmas addicted and “winter wedding” lovers.

Winter wedding in Italy


Even if the most of the weddings are celebrated from the spring to the autumn season, winter can give you evocative scenarios and breathtaking destinations, especially if you desire to plan your winter wedding in Italy.

Surely, the most traditional Italian winter wedding location for a Christmas-inspired celebration is the mountain. A winter wedding on the Italian Alps and Dolomites can offer you romantic backdrops that take inspiration from the nature: intimate wooden lodge where plan a rustic Christmas-inspired wedding in which wood, tartan, wool, fur, pine and holly will warm up your venue and your event.

Do you prefer a more elegant setting for your celebration? A winter wedding in Rome, Florence or also Milan can offer you elegant villas and majestic noble palaces where celebrate a luxury Christmas wedding: candles, precious metals, crystal shine surrounded by the historical frescos and the precious furniture in a magical and sophisticated event.


Christmas ideas for winter wedding in Italy


Christmas time can offer you a wide selection of beautiful colour schemes that can satisfy every kind of style and preferences. 

The most classic one is surely the rustic and festive feel of red mixed with green and brown, taking inspiration from the evergreen and the holly. Would you want a touch of preciousness inside this colour scheme? Gold or bronze can be a suitable solution to shine this rustic feel.

For boho weddings lovers, an alternative colour scheme in the shades of brown and copper can seem strange, but it’s really warm and cozy at the same time. 

Are you dreaming an elegant Christmas-inspired wedding? The colour schemes for this trend are different and all of them work on the glare of the metals and the sparkling crystals: from a total

white colour scheme, using mat white and sparkling one, to the traditional gold and white colour scheme, up to the bolder colour schemes, like blue and silver or blush with bronze.

The choices are different and adjustable according to the personal preferences of each one, always respecting the style of own wedding venue and the tone of the event, of course.


Christmas wedding in italy


The family and the conviviality have a special meaning during the Christmas time and they find their maximum expression around the festivity tables. During this festivity, all our tables become a sparkling settings for wonderful decorations and mise en place.

Taking inspiration from our festivity tables, all the Christmas lovers can have at own disposal different ideas for the set up of our wedding reception.

The venue will provide you the mood of the wedding that will be the starting point to create the entire design project of your celebration, table setting included.

For rustic Christmas weddings, like during a winter wedding on the Alps, you can opt for a more traditional and cozy table setting, preferring massive nude wooden tables and benches, decorated with soft furs. Candles and evergreen are the kings of the tables, that can be set up with a natural, vintage -style mise en place: wooden charger plates, vintage style silver cutleries and glasses, colorful napkins,… can install warm welcome and joy.

Otherwise, if you prefer a more refined table, taking inspiration from your colour scheme, you can create wonderful and sparkling mise en places and table settings: from the classical one in white and gold, in which you can embellish your table using gold and pearl cutlery or glasses and charger plates fringed with gold, to the most sophisticated ones in which the colour is mixing with the preciousness of the metals. I think, for example, at a pink and bronze table setting: a color scheme that is fresh and young and instils joy, love and warm: long blush tablecloths and soft wool blankets in contrast with the precious bronze charge plates and cutlery and the modern style of the white plates. Pink and bronze in every detail of the table, that are very important especially on the Christmas tables.

Personally, one of my favorite table setting for a refined table is the total white set up, that can give the possibility to play with the materials and their different textures: a sophisticated match that can create wonderful effects on the tables. Sparkling tablecloths embellished with yarns of lurex, plexiglas chairs decorated with white furs or white velvet cushions are the frame around the mise en place: crystal, sparkling charger plates and white plates, silver cutlery and important crystal glasses, crystal chandeliers and candlesticks with white candles, flowers and flowers… the white Christmas wedding table will surely conquer and amaze all the guests.


Elisa Prati wedding Italy


During the Christmas time, decors have a great importance in the creation of the festive vibes, so why don’t use them also in the design of your Christmas-inspired winter wedding in Italy? The colourful balls and the thousands fairy lights on the Christmas trees; the myriad of candles and tea lights; the sparkling decorative objects in crystal or wood ( according to the style of your wedding) and the precious graphic wedding stationary, maybe realised by a professional calligrapher… all of them enrich your wedding table, your mise en place and your event, giving numerous ideas and matches.

Especially, the choice of the fabrics and candles has a special role in the design of a Christmas event. Candles create a romantic and cozy atmosphere at every kind of trend and, especially for the Christmas time, their presence on the table or inside the venue is absolutely a “must” to light up the winter days and nights. 

This festive period can also give us a myriad of different fabrics, everyone whit beautiful colours and patterns, that can create interesting and stunning combination in the design of every wedding. I think, for example, at a warm tartan fabric that can be transformed in unconventional napkins, warm pillows or also it can becomes the packaging for Christmas wedding favors, like personalised wedding tree balls or seasonal food products.

And about the flowers? Christmas can surely offer you beautiful flowers, greenery and natural materials to create extraordinary flowers arrangements: evergreen, pine cones, wood and cotton for rustic weddings; elegant hellebores and cyclamens for a romantic and bucolic trend; white bulbs for a sophisticated total white wedding inspiration; the traditional atmospheres of the holly, the mistletoe and the red poinsettias for the authentic Christmas-lovers…, every set up is absolutely magic… the choice is yours!


Elisa Prati wedding Italy


We arrive at the most delicious part in the planning of a Christmas-inspired wedding.

This season offers different products that can enrich our tables with delicious flavors and colours and that can be moved into a wedding. 

From the north to the south of my country, our cuisine offers a wide selection of different products that will delight you during your Christmas-inspired winter wedding in Italy ( but also your business event or your private one, that are very requested during this period ).

If the aperitifs are very rich of savory products and the regional recipes will put you in touch with the local lifestyle and tradition, desserts are the kings of the table during the Christmas time.

Every region has their piece de resistance and all together can create extraordinary buffets of desserts and sweet corners: the typical panettone and pandoro with different creams and sweet sauces, struffoli, cartellate, panforte, caramelized dry fruits, without forget a hot cocoa corner with fruit and shortbreads… A sumptuous selection of the typical Italian culinary tradition.

Christmas is also the season of the hot beverage: tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine, eggnog, ecc… can be transformed in unique corners where delight yourselves, surrounded by the authentic Italian Christmas culinary traditions.


As we analysed, even if the winter period isn’t often one of the most requested period for a destination wedding in Italy, it can surely give you lots of unique suggestions, experiences and activities to make your event absolutely unforgettable and rich of atmosphere.

Are you curious about a Christmas- inspired wedding in Italy or is it your dream a winter wedding in Italy?

Surely, if a Christmas trend is your dream idea for the planning of your timeless wedding in Italy, or you would want to have more information about a winter wedding in Italy, you can contact me…and Best Wishes for happy Holidays at all of you!

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