It’s St. Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day fo the year and there isn’t any best moment to declare your love. But, if you want to amaze your sweetheart with a special surprise, Italy can offer you beautiful destinations where organize an unforgettable wedding engagement, during every season of the year.  


Where can I organize my wedding engagement in Italy? What is the best season for a romantic wedding engagement in Italy? How can I organize a wedding engagement in Italy? Which special experience can I organize for my wedding engagement on the Amalfi Coast? An at Lake Como?
Let’s go together at the discovery of the best wedding engagement destination in Italy, where celebrate your Love. 


Happy St.Valentine!

We are in the sweetest period of the year and the aroma of chocolate and flowers encircle us in a euphoria of love and romanticism.

During the St. Valentine’s Day the couples declare their love each other. The sweet vibes of this day make it the perfect moment to give at own sweetheart a beautiful engagement ring, and, surely, Italy can give you the possibility to plan an unforgettable engagement experience, not only during the St. Valentine’s Day, but also during every season of the year… but, what are the best destinations for an unforgettable wedding engagement?

Leave together at the discovery of the best locations where organize your romantic wedding engagement in Italy, according to the different seasons.

Lake Como wedding planner


Spring is a dreaming season in which the nature blooms again, giving us all its beauty. The sunny days, the mild temperatures and the bright colours all around us instil joy and happiness.

If you are dreaming to plan a romantic wedding engagement in Italy during the springtime, surely my country can give you extraordinary destinations.

If you are an Art lover, Italy is full of wonderful cities, famous all over the World: from a luxury wedding engagement in Venice, maybe organized during a typical tour with a traditional gondola, to a charming wedding engagement in Rome, planning a romantic tour by calash and a photo shooting in the city centre, up to an intimate wedding engagement in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet’s love… every Italian city will give you unforgettable experiences for your unique wedding engagement in Italy.

Do you prefer the evocative vibes of the blooming nature? An exclusive lake Como wedding engagement will be the perfect choice for you: image to declare your love surrounded by the charming atmospheres of Villa Balbianello, followed by a private tour by boat and a romantic dinner in a private lakeside Villa… An experience that will remain in your heart forever.


elopement in Capri


Sunny days and extraordinary sunsets, warm temperatures, starred skis, the shades of blue of the sea in contrast with the white sandy beaches, the aroma of the flowers, the Mediterranean scrub and the maritime pines… the summertime offers enchanting and exotic settings for a stunning wedding engagement in Italy, especially in a seaside location.

If you love the Italian summer vibes and you would want to declare your love during this season, surely a wedding engagement on the Amalfi coast or in Capri will be the perfect destinations for you.

Image to give at your sweetheart your engagement ring on a breathtaking terrace or on a private boat overlooking the Faraglioni of Capri, or also organizing a romantic candlelight dinner on the exclusive Infinity Terrace at Villa Cimbrone for a wonderful wedding engagement on the Amalfi coast… Absolutely an exclusive and unbelievable experience!

And, obviously, the choice to plan your luxury wedding on the Amalfi coast, will be the perfect beginning for your new life, together.

Are you an Art and seaside lover? A wedding engagement in Sicily will give you unforgettable memories of this intimate moment: Taormina, the Valley of the Temples, Noto, the Aeolian islands.., the locations are various as well as the inspirations for your declaration of love.… And, of course, the culinary tradition will offer you an unparalleled gourmet experience.


Wedding planner Tuscany, Elopement in Tuscany


Autumn is coming and the nature give us an explosion of warm colors and sublime food products. It’s the season of the reddish leaves, the truffle, the grapes and the wine.

If you are wine&food lovers, an autumn wedding engagement in Tuscany or in Langhe wine region is the perfect choice to declare your Love.

Tuscany and Langhe can offer you intimate venues where organize your special engagement, surrounded by the unspoiled nature, maybe matching with a leisure or a wine&food experience, according to your personal tastes: a private truffle or wine experience, a car tour with a Ferrari or a vintage car, a hot-air ballon tour over the vineyards… Obviously, followed by a sublime candlelight dinner, based on truffle and Barolo or Chianti wine… An unforgettable day for only you two.



Welcome winter and welcome at the snow on the mountain tops. If you are a couple who loves skiing or walking on the crunchy white snow, maybe surrounded by the fairy lights of the Christmas season, a winter wedding engagement on the Italian Alps will be the most unforgettable experience of your life, especially if it will be followed by a winter wedding in Italy, of course 😉

Image a romantic daily tour on a sleigh, surrounded by the aroma of the pine and the silence of the unspoiled snowy nature, as well as a romantic candlelight dinner in a private luxury lodge, where the wood in the fireplace, the sweet flavor of the hot chocolate and the lights of a myriad of candles warm up the atmosphere, preparing you at your special declaration of love.

Are you an active couple? Why don’t organize a special wedding engagement directly on the ski-slopes? Whatever it is your mood, winter will always give you evocative vibes and suggestions to plan an unforgettable wedding engagement in Italy.


Whatever it’s your Italian destination, if you are searching ideas and a professional assistance to plan your unique wedding engagement in Italy, offering at your sweetheart an outstanding experience than completely represents yourselves and your passions, don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of request… We will make your unique wedding engagement comes true, together.


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