A great journey throughout the Five Senses at the discovery of the authentic Experience of a luxury wedding in Italy! An experience that is unique, as unique are the couple of spouses who desire to celebrate your wedding, not planning only a classic event, but giving at yourselves and at all their guests stunning and breathtaking emotions that conquers all the Senses and that enter in the soul of each one.


What is the difference between a wedding and a unique wedding experience in Italy? What are the details that transform your luxury wedding in Italy in a wonderful experience? What are the most authentic Sensory Experiences in a wedding in Italy and where do you live them? A Wedding Experience is a wonderful trip that accompany you during the entire organization of your destination wedding in Italy, giving you the opportunity to discover and live intensely the authentic Italian vibes that conquer all the five senses.


Not a classic event, but an authentic experience: this is the deep motivation that is accompanying the new couple of spouses in the planning of their next luxury wedding in Italy.

More then the previous years, and especially after two years of lockdown, the need of a new normality and a new research of everything can be significant in the Life, passes throughout a new awareness of own selves.

A new awareness of own selves that wants to be the starting point to get in touch with deep experiences, rich of meaning, training and emotions. 

Experiences that don’t want to be only rough and frivolous activities, but unique moments full of deep motivations and unique sensations that can be in touch with all the five senses, to always give lasting memories.

In fact in the planning of destination weddings, especially in the organisation of destination weddings in Italy, the new couple of spouses are asking to live authentic Italian experiences that can remain vivid in their memories and in the memories of their guests.

Personally, since I started to work as destination wedding planner in Italy, this is the deep motivation and mission that I always pursued to offer at my spouses the authentic Italian style and personalised experiences during a sensation journey that it is their wedding day.

But, what are the specific experiences that get in touch with own five senses, giving us unique sensory emotions during every event?

Luxury wedding Apulia


Immerse yourself in the authentic sensory experience of a wedding in Italy, concentrating your hearing at the discovery of the sounds and the music of the environment all around you.

An harmonious concert that transmits the unique e authentic vibes of the Italian lifestyle: the silence of the nature during a natural-chic wedding in Tuscany, the peaceful sound of the waves during a luxury Lake Como wedding or a high-end Amalfi coast wedding experience, the crackling sound of a fire inside a fireplace in a typical lodge on the mountain is the emblem of a romantic elopement on the Dolomites, the laughs of the people and the murmurs of the Italian cities full of life. 

Without forget the attentive study on the music during your event: a carefully research of the most evocative and captivating solutions in line with the Italian atmospheres and vibes that each couple of spouses desire for own wedding in Italy. 

The sound of the different ambiences and backgrounds will be the companions of your authentic wedding experience in Italy.


Luxury wedding Portofino


The most “concrete” sense that allows to get in touch with the pure essence of the materials and the World all around ourselves, to discover the soul and the body of each element.

It’s a sense that pervade our body, give us strong emotions and sensations: think at the soft touch of the fabrics in a noble villa, at the electricity of the cold stone of an ancient monument, the power of the land under your feet while your are walking on the green field…

This power is also reflected in your destination wedding in Italy, allowing you to live strong experiences. I think at the moment in which you hand touches lightly the pure white linen tablecloths or also the soft petals at your ceremony, as well as the vibrant sensations during your photo shooting, such as the cold water of the lake during your luxury lake Como wedding, while you are speeding quickly over the lake with your Riva boat, or also the rough touch of the bark of an olive tree during your bucolic wedding in Tuscany or Apulia.


Luxury wedding Venice


Learning to observe, not only seeing, it’s the key to appreciate in deep the authentic beauty around ourselves, and Italy surely gives the opportunity to discover it.

In fact, a destination wedding in Italy is also the opportunity to appreciate the authentic and unique panoramas and heritage that our country can offer at all the people who want to welcome with open harms.

In particular, the sight is an important senses to accompany you in the choice of your wedding venues in Italy, choosing not only a commercial abode, but concentrate the attention on the particular aspects that can give it unique and unforgettable for your wedding: an infinite sunset over the hills of Val d’Orcia during a wedding in Tuscany, the myriad blue shades of the waves of the Italian sea, the thousands years old history behind the experience of a visit at an ancient monument or at an art gallery during your luxury wedding in Rome or in Venice.

The Italian panoramas and landscapes pervade and nourish our soul and our spirit.


Wedding Planner Apulia


Obviously Italy is famous all over the World for the wide selection and variety of food products, wine and plates, so different and unique, according to the regions and the traditions.

A sensory treasure of authentic pleasure for our mouth and our senses that you and your guests can discovery during your wedding reception in Italy. 

From the North to the South of Italy the wedding aperitif and the tables are enriched of fresh products, sublime flavors, always studied in respect of the tradition, but with a touch of modernity.

Sensory tasting experiences that you can live not only during the wedding day, but also during your stay. 

I think for examples at the personalized wine experiences during a wedding in Tuscany, as well as at a cooking class during a wedding in Rome, at a truffle hunting for a wedding in Piedmont or, also, at a sensory chocolate tasting in Umbria… without forget the moments of the events, in which a pizza party, a Tuscan-style BBQ or a simple Brunch with Italian ice cream can become a sensory journey throughout the Italian tradition and lifestyle


Elisa Prati Wedding Italy


Close your eyes and breath the sweet perfume of the blooming gardens along the lake Como, the salty aroma of the crystalline sea of the south of Italy or the strong one of the cotto tiles in a typical Tuscan borgo, harmoniously mixed with the woody fragrance of the fire inside a fireplace…

An authentic Italian experience also passes throughout among the unique aromas and scents that each destination, location and season can give you.

And during your wedding in Italy? Of course, your sense of smell can be conquered by the myriad of perfumes that can surrounded you and your guests: the aromas of the food and wine that can pervade you at the moment of your wedding reception in Italy, the perfume of the flower arrangements perfectly mix with the nature all around you…


Senses have a great power in our lives, instilling in our spirit the deep essence of the nature and the World around us, accompanying in a deep journey of authentic awareness. They guide us in every choice of our lives, with the purpose to satisfy our craving of Beauty.

What is the sense that has more importance in your life and that guide you in your choices, also for your wedding in Italy?  Tell me about your sensations and desires during a call to talk about your wedding in Italy, to create together the experience of your life.

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