Nestled among the white mountains of Lombardy, lake Como is a precious, natural jewel that offers exclusive wedding venues and locations where celebrate your luxury wedding in Italy.


Why is lake Como appreciated by the tourists and the spouses from all over the World? What are the iconic characteristics that make the lake Como one of the ultimate location for a destination wedding in Italy? How can you organize your wedding at lake Como?
Discover my five reasons that done the lake Como an exclusive wedding destination for a luxury wedding in Italy.


“That branch of the lake of Como, which extends towards the south, is enclosed by two unbroken chains of mountains, which, as they advance and recede, diversify its shores with numerous bays and inlets…”

If Alessandro Manzoni chose the lake Como as the set of his novel “the Betrothed“, there is a reason, of course.

The lake Como is considered one of the most charming lakes in the World, thanks to its historical villages and its breathtaking panoramas, as well as it is one of the most exclusive wedding location in Italy.

Location of Inspiration for artists, musicians and writers during the centuries, such as Giocchino Rossini at Villa Passalacqua, Giuseppe Verdi and Ugo Foscolo at Villa Grumello, Plinio il Vecchio at Villa Pliniana, Flaubert, Stendhal,… the lake Como has always attracted famous personalities from all over the World, who found shelter and relax among its beautiful noble villas with their blooming gardens, nowadays exclusive wedding venues: from the magnificent Villa Pizzo at Cernobbio, summer residence of the Asburgo’s family, to the exclusive villa Erba, Luchino Visconti’s family house and set of great films, such as Ocean’s Twelve, up to Villa Balbianello, luxury wedding venue at lake Como and set of  Star Wars and James Bond Casino Royal, a wedding at lake Como will be surely an unique experience among art, history and nature… With a touch of exclusive international lifestyle.

But, what are the five reasons to choose the lake Como as your wedding destination in Italy?


Luxury wedding at Lake Como


The Lake Como is located in the North of Italy, in Lombardy, and it’s nestled among the beautiful Lombard Alps… It’s surely an exclusive wedding location in Italy, thanks also at the easy logistics.

In fact, the proximity of the international airports of Milan and Bergamo, as well as the railway line that connect Milan to Lecco, Como or Varenna, make the lake Como a perfect wedding destination, both for intercontinental and international luxury weddings in Italy. 

Also, the proximity both with the Northern art cities and the Alps, Switzerland includes, makes the lake a great starting point to discover the natural and historical beauties of the area, as well as a romantic honeymoon destination in Italy.


Luxury wedding at Villa Balbianello


The noble lakeside villas of the lake Como are the most exclusive wedding venues in Italy; they are very famous among all the foreign couples of spouses and they can satisfy every kind of style and request, also the most demanding ones: from the bucolic vibes of a wedding at Villa Regina Teodolinda, to the natural elegance of a wedding at Villa Pizzo, up to a luxury wedding at villa Balbianello or Villa Balbiano… every venue will be surely a pleasant surprise for you and your guests, as well as the set of a timeless and exclusive wedding at lake Como. 

But, pay Attention! If you want to celebrate your luxury wedding at lake Como, I suggest you to reserve your favorite wedding venue at least one year before the event. In fact, being that the lake is a renowned wedding destination in Italy, the villas are always very requested.


Luxury wedding at Villa Balbianello


The lake Como is one of the favorite holiday destinations for the international stars, such as George Clooney and Robert De Niro, so it is absolutely the exclusive setting where live polished experiences, like an authentic VIP.

From an unique private tour by boat, for example with a fast Riva boat, to the captivating cultural excursions at the discover of the historical heritage of Como and all the lakeside villages, up to the adrenaline sporting activities along the lake or on the mountain tops of the Alps, your guests will be not disappointed by own stay at lake Como.


Luxury wedding at lake Como, villa Regina Teodolinda


Charming villages nestled among the lakeside bays, evocative natural glimpses, magnificent botanical, blooming gardens where organize your romantic wedding ceremony at lake Como or your intimate photo shooting ( such as at Villa Carlotta, exclusive wedding villa at lake Como where organize your civil ceremony, discovering its breathtaking gardens and its artistic heritage, thanks to the works of Canova and Hayez ), the lake Como offers picturesque landscapes, among white mountains tops and high cypress that look at themselves into the cobalt blu water of the lake, giving you refined and oneiric vibes.

Also, thanks to its advantageous, geographic position, the lake Como offers a mild weather, with pleasant temperatures during a lot of months. This characteristic allows to celebrate your luxury wedding at lake Como from April to October, enjoying of the wonderful weather of the lake.

Especially, the most suitable months for a mild climate are April, May, September and October. Instead, if you love the warm temperatures, you absolutely choose June, July and August, even if the lake will be also swarm by the tourists.


Luxury wedding planner at Lake Como


Not only culture and natural beauties… The lake Como offers interesting and delicious culinary experiences.

Discover the traditional dishes of the Lariana cuisine, a sublime mix between the products of the lake and the rustic food products of the mountains, first of all the Valtellina valley, tasting them in a traditional lakeside inns or sitting at the table of one of the exclusive gourmet restaurants: from the Missoltini, a typical lakeside dried fish, served with polenta ( a mush made with yellow corn ), to the delicious rice with fried perch, up to the pleasant lavarello fish grilled with butter and sage.

Otherwise, if you want to taste the specialities of the mountain, the Valtellina valley is very closed to the lake: among these peaks, you can discover the rustic products of the mountain, Lombard tradition: pizzoccheri ( long noodles, made from a dough of wheat and buckwheat, served with potatoes, butter, Casera cheese and stewed savoy cabbage ), sciatt ( small fried cheese ball ), mountain cheese, bresaola ( air-dried, salted beef ), wild-game and strong red wine… all these dishes are perfect, especially after a day on the ski slopes or after a hiking.

Are you searching a sublime and incomparable wine and food experience for your wedding at lake Como? In this case, I absolutely want to suggest you Villa Lario Resort as your wedding venue.

An exclusive mix of refinement, modern elegance, high-standard of service and a sublime gourmet cuisine… Everything you need to plan an authentic and high-end wedding in Italy.


Are you interested in the planning of your wedding at lake Como and would you want to offer at your guests something of unique and outside the schemes? Don’t hesitate to contact me for any kind of request.


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